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Florence top show for 2010

Unveiled the top exhibitions for 2010 in Florence.

Palazzo Pitti will host the first top event, an unusual show devoted to the art of cameos and intaglio carving, which flourished during the Italian Renaissance. Pregio e Bellezza (Value and Beauty), which runs from March 25 until June 27, features a number of exceptional pieces, with a particular focus on items belonging to the Medici family.

On May 22, the Uffizi Gallery will open a large-scale exhibition devoted to Caravaggio, marking 400 years since his death. Over 100 important artworks by the master and his contemporaries are planned for the event, said Acidini, many of which borrowed locally. An exhibition exploring the tradition of 15th-century nuptial art in Florence opens at the Galleria dell Accademia in June.

Rare and precious paintings by masters such as Sandro Botticelli and Fra Filippo Lippi will go on display, alongside exquisitely decorated bedsteads and bridal chests. A tribute from the Medici family to Henry IV of France is the focus of an exhibition in the Medici Chapel Museum, which arrives in Florence in July after a stint in the prestigious Musee National du Chateau in Pau, southwest France. From July until November, Palazzo Pitti will host a wide-ranging exhibition celebrating the art, science and myths of wine in ancient Mediterranean civilizations. The final major event of the year is an exhibition devoted to Giovanfrancesco Rustici, the first significant overview of his work in a big museum, running from September until early 2011.

by S. C.
23 december 2009, Food Notes > Miscellanea