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The wine? It is better to preserve it in the mine

In Italy it is now possible to exploit a part of the mining park of Taccia Caci. This is the innovative enological project that located in the sulfur mines of the Nobel Prize laureate Luigi Pirandello the optimal condition for the aging of wine

The mine of Taccia Caci of the “Ciaula guarda la luna” novel by Luigi Pirandello comes back to life thanks to an innovative enological project that considers the temperature and humidity conditions of sulfur mines the best one for high quality wines aging. This project was born by the social cellar of Canicattì, which is involved in realizing an excellence wine production by making the most of the territory and its history.

According to Giovanni Greco, head of the cellar, “the sulfur mines and agriculture were pivotal in this area of Sicily both from the economic and social point of view. We want to give value back to our history, by finding a new exploitation for a mine that is a symbol for the most hard and true Sicily”.

Dario Cartabellotta, head of the Vine and Wine Institute of the Sicily Region, underlines that nowadays the territory gives a strong plus to the wine producers, and that this can help them to compete on the most important and prestigious markets. “The wine in mine project, proposed by the Cva cellar and by the City of Aragona”, says Cartabellotta, “is a strong example of the awareness of wine producers of the value of territory and history. The wine in mine is able to represent Sicily in its strongest identity”.

The major of the City of Aragona, Alfonso Tedesco, enthusiastically welcomed the project involving the mining park of Taccia Caci. “This project will allows us to give value back to one of the most emblematic sites of the Central-South Sicily and to promote the tourism in Aragona. The tourists will find a brilliant example of innovation in wine production and of an active preservation of the territory heritage, which is characterized in this area by the presence of sulfur mines”.

A former Gill furnace and a powder warehouse will be given to the social cellar in order to process on the site some of their best wines and to promote wine tastings, guided tours and social events with the aim of demonstrating the melting among territory, history and economy in this Sicilian area.

The agreement between the City of Aragona and the Social Cellar of associated wine producers (Cva) of Canicattì will hold for six years, renewable, and a second stage of the project is already under evaluation. The latter makes provisions for the exploitation of the descent and the extraction galleries, as well.

“We will process in Taccia Caci some bottles of the two best wines of the Cva cellar”, says the enologist Tonino Guzzo, “and we’ll follow the effects of these fantastic rooms on our wines”.

Source: Ferdinando Calaciura

by S. C.
01 february 2010, Food Notes > Miscellanea