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Over one million people have pre-booked tickets for the Shroud of Turin

Pre-bookings currently stand at 1,342,486 of which 88.96% were done through the Internet, compared to 9.04% through a toll-free phone number, and over two million are now expected view the holy relict believed to bear the image of the crucified Christ.

The Internet was not used before the Shroud's last viewing in 2000 and pre-bookings were just over 250,000.

The April 10 to May 23 display of the holy relict was official presented Thursday by the Archbishop of Turin, Cardinal Severino Poletti, who sought to stress the more spiritual than commercial side of the event.

According to the cardinal, "our faith, our prayers and our contemplations are helped by its image".

This will be the first time the Turin Shroud has been seen by the public since it was restored in 2002. It has been on display only five times in the past 100 years.

Visitors will have three minutes to view the cloth believed by many to have been used to wrap the body of the crucified Christ.

The shroud bears the faint image of the front and back of a tall, long-haired, bearded man and appears to be stained by blood from wounds in his feet, wrists and side.

by S. C.
27 march 2010, Food Notes > Miscellanea