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A catalogue of writes and books on the rural world

A can’t-miss list of titles for the lovers of the agricultural world and of country life and its complex dynamics. (7. To be continued)

SGORLON Carlo. Gli dèi torneranno: the farming world of Friuli, seen as myth world, in a mysterious emptiness between the truth and the dream, the family and the esoteric.

La fontana di Lorena: the story of Eva, a hard temperament painter who finds the fount of her own existence in uncontaminated woods.
Il trono di legno: the adventurous story of an apparently naïf character, who tells his life from childhood to maturity, with an intense nostalgia for the farming world and his past.

L’ultima valle: a patriarchal kingdom of rocks, mushrooms, raspberries, where the people live jointly with nature, in an age-old cycle. A magic balance that the construction of a colossal dam, symbol and metaphor of the devastating power of progress, will destroy.

SILONE Ignazio. Fontamara: the distressing life of an exploited farmers community in Southern Italy. A sorrowful saga of people who suffer the injustice and abuse as inescapable events, until the unavoidable revolt.

Una manciata di more: an out-of-the-way district of Southern Italy: farmers and shephers, old owners in competition with the nouveau riches of the black market, officials of the new political system and, among others, some honest people.

SIMENON Georges. Hotel del Ritorno alla Natura: a terrible apologue on how the uncontaminated nature, considered by some pure and good, could entice its devotees to the fiercest self destruction.

by L. C.
05 april 2010, Food Notes > Miscellanea