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A catalogue of writes and books on the rural world

A can’t-miss list of titles for the lovers of the agricultural world and of country life and its complex dynamics (8. To be continued)

STEINBECK John (Nobel prize 1962). The Pastures of Heaven: in a Californian valley known as “Heaven’s Pastures” for its extraordinary splendor, some people chose to live peacefully in the nature. Still, the beauty of the valley contrasts with the dramatic events, the tragic destiny that seems to persecute all characters.

STEWART Chris. A Parrot In The Pepper Tree: a life immersed in nature, among tough friends, animals and ancient traditions. Agricultural life dominates a singular family portrait with wife, daughter and a tyrannical parrot, youth memories and more.

TOMIZZA Fulvio. La casa col mandorlo: the unforgettable women figures, the rituals of farmers, the memories of the neighbors who moved to Friuli at the times of the exodus: the themes and characters of the writer from Trieste reappear in this posthumous collection of novels, where the memory is a historical and existential metaphor of the frontier man.

by L. C.
03 may 2010, Food Notes > Miscellanea