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Wine as a message of peace

A cooperation between the Entrepreneurs for Peace Association and the Agricultural Association of Siena produces a wine which is a “symbol of peace and reconciliation”

Can the wine bring peace around the world? A small contribution in this direction is provided by the “Peace vine” project, born from the cooperation between the Entrepreneurs for Peace Association and the Agricultural Association of Siena, in Italy. We are speaking about a project that, even if limited to a small area in Tuscany, has a strong meaning both from the human and symbolic point of view.

“Peace vine” draws in Italy people from conflict areas of Middle East, Caucasus, Balkans, Sierra Leone and Russian Federation. Potential “enemies” study and work together, in the wonderful Tuscan scenario, to produce a wine which is a “symbol of peace and reconciliation”.

The students live together in a medieval town called Rondine (then the name of the association: Rondine town of Peace Association), near Arezzo, and experience a life of education and changes, knowing and respecting one each others. Once completed their studies (master degree or master at the Universities of Siena or Florence), they come back in their home countries in order to testify in that countries, where they will work and live, the possibility of dialogue.

Alessio Pianigiani, spokesperson of the Agricultural Association of Siena, says that: “we dedicated to these people a part of a vineyard to harvest every year. The result is an Igt red wine coming from Sangiovese and Colorino grapes which is sold for charity by the Rondine town of Peace Association”. The wine, at its second year of production, is sold by auction in Magnum format and in limited edition. The 2008 year was dedicated to Caucasus while 2009 is dedicated to Middle East.

The sommelier Luca Martini, best sommelier 2009, described the wine as: “ [endowed] with a bright ruby color, with an inkling of flowering violets, Tuscan cherries and small plums, and complex”. He reserved the best words for the matching: “with the heart, the solidarity, the passion and the love for all the people less lucky than us”.

Finally, another positive aspect: the wine was offered last year to the Pope Benedict XVI and it is usually given to all the heads of state of all the countries in war. In this case, more than in vino veritas, it is in vino pax.

by Monica Sommacampagna
07 june 2010, Food Notes > Miscellanea