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The oil cures the body and the soul

History reports many evidences of the thaumaturgic properties of oils. In a novel the story of a miraculously cured Franciscan friar

The oil that derives from olives is good for both the body and the soul health. Hence, not only as a feed, but also as the anointing oil, a miraculous fluid. As a matter of fact, there are many evidences of the healer properties of olive oils. In every producer country, Spain, Italy, Greece and the whole Mediterranean area, traditions report many examples of prodigious recoveries.
Religions recognized many times those supernatural episodes, making them more believable or likely. Even if local legends show many improbable episodes, about some of them it is difficult to doubt. In Italy, this particular aspect of oil was deepen by a novel, L’olio della conversione, by Luigi Caricato. The novel is about a mystic friar of 1600s, Joseph of Cupertino.
The friar of the Friars Minor Conventuals order suffered from a terrible disease during his childhood that forced him at bed. Joseph was written off, but his doctor decided to apply him some oil as an extreme solution; the oil was taken from the lamp burning before a picture of Our Lady of Grace at the Galatone Sanctuary. The anointing was miraculous and was able to get rid of a terrible tumor. This miracle, besides saving the young boy, was able to open him the way to Sanctity. Joseph of Cupertino is well known, also to laymen, for his ecstasies and flights.

by Carlotta Baltini Roversi
07 june 2010, Food Notes > Miscellanea