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The deep-water wine at record prizes

The 6,500 bottles of spumante wined for thirteen months under the water were recently recovered. They will be sold for Christmas

Thirteen months deep in the Cala degli Inglesi bay, in the Portofino marine reserve, the glass crusted by shells and the strength of a Bisson, a good wine from Liguria, by the sommelier Pierluigi Lugano.

This is the recipe of the Abyss wine recently recovered at 70 m under the sea surface by the tug boat Messico. The recovery also gave a bad surprise: one of the 12 cages in which the bottles were kept for the “submarine spumantization” was found at 150 m from the deposition site. According to Lugano, “someone tried to steal it but it weighs 1 ton so they left if on a side. They managed to remove 40 bottles; a work by professional skin-divers”.

The first bottle was opened at the 2PM of the last 2nd of July. A long sip and the satisfaction of a long wait: this first and unique experiment in Italy succeeded. The wine was produced with the champenoise method and left 13 months undersea at 15 degrees in half-light. “The internal pressure is 7 atmospheres; this should promote the amalgamate of bubbles and the subtlety of the perlage”.

The 6,500 bottles submerged at the Cala degli Inglesi bay, “close to the coast and at an ideal depth”, from the 22th of May 2009 are back to the cellar for the disgorging, together with the other bottles. They will be of the shelves on Christmas at about 35 to 40 euro. Thanks to the interest of media, many bookings for bottles are already coming from Japan and USA.

by T N
02 august 2010, Food Notes > Miscellanea