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Bad fats and good fats

We need to keep in mind that not all fats are the same. A book by Ulrich Strunz and Andreas Jopp gives some suggestions for choosing the right foods and keep a healthy body and mind

Why reading this book? Because we live in a society that shows an excessive fear for everything which contains fats, leading to wrong and unbalanced behaviors and to an incongruous fat hunt.

As a matter of fact, our body needs to eat a certain amount of fats, and avoiding this would lead to serious health problems. On the other side our society is so weird to distribute the extremely dangerous so-called “killer fats”, or “trans fats” or “hydrogenates fats”.

These are fats that are normally in mass-distribution foods and of which the consumer is unaware of; this is the reason why they are also referred to as “hidden fats”. The labels don’t help, also because killer fats are generically indicated as “vegetal fats” there.

How can the consumer be aware of them? As a matter of fact, even if the name “vegetal fats” is soothing people, killer fats are way more dangerous than animal fats, since they are obtained in industries by heating processes between 150 and 240 degrees for many hours.

So, be aware of these fats. Avoid eating foods that contain hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated fats such as: croissant, krapfen, cookies, snacks, flack pastry-based foods, precooked stuffs, ready-to-cook breaded fish or chickens, crisps, chocolate creams, frozen chips, frozen pizzas and margarines.
The list is endless.

By the way, stay calm. The book is not about bad fats, only. It also concerns good fats. For instance it tells about extra virgin olive oil and DHA fats. What is DHA? The docosenoid acid is a fat acid of the omega 3 family. It can be taken by eating fat sea fish at least once or twice a week. For people that don’t love fish it is also possible to take it in pills. Each pill contains around 120mg of DHA.

The conclusion of the authors is that a long life is possible also by taking fats; but the right ones. If the fats are good they can even make us happier and more intelligent, as they increment the brain connections.
Much can be learned by reading this book by Strunz and Jopp.

by L. C.
07 february 2011, Food Notes > Miscellanea