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How good the lake oil is!

An illustrated book by the oleologist Luigi Caricato about the prestigious oil productions of the Garda Lake (North of Italy) has just been published

With Olio di lago. Garda Dop, the oleologist Luigi Caricato, one of the main oil experts in the world, brings the reader in fascinating sentimental, sensorial and gastronomic trip among the PDO extra virgin oils of the Garda area.

Going through the five chapters of the book, we discover the pretty unexplored world of the olive groves and presses of the Garda, rich in century-old traditions and stories.

Hence the reader can discover the most curious and original aspects of this specific topic, also aided by the nice images, photos and watercolor paintings that enrich the book and by the interesting and greedy uses of these oils suggested by Luigi Caricato and by some chefs like Carlo Bresciani, Giuseppe Capano and Isidoro Consolini.

In the introductory essay by Daniela Marcheschi titled “Fra stupore del mondo e attenzione al lavoro della terra. La maestosa bellezza del Garda” on the same topic, the oleologist Luigi Caricato is described as the “Pope of Oil”, as already cited by the writer Giuseppe Pontiggia.

As Marchesini says, “Caricato works from years to fix the economic link between agriculture and the Italian culture, which refused modernity and toke refuge in the Arcadia, or that completely embraced it, falling in other prejudices”.

Luigi Caricato, Olio di lago. Garda Dop, Mondadori

by Maria Carla Squeo
07 march 2011, Food Notes > Miscellanea