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The clairvoyance of Giuseppe Pontiggia

Six years after his death, in Milan the June 27th 2003, we remember him through one of his most fascinating novels: Nati due volte

Giuseppe Pontiggia

In Nati due volte, Giuseppe Pontiggia wrote a really strong novel, settled in a reality which is permeated of taboos. In this reality, he was able to move by using his clairvoyance, describing that condition which is between the despair, the fear to do the wrong thing and the joy to see a son growing up.

In this novel there is everything: the contrasting behavior of the parents, the family and the society toward the Paolo’s handicap. Everything is authentic there, thanks of the “far closeness” of the voiceover. This allows the reader to identify himself with a difficult destiny and to joy of a well-written book.

by Yrja Cecilia Haglund Croce
01 june 2009, Food Notes > Miscellanea