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When an olive farm invests in innovation becomes a success story

The Carmine Farm is ever changing. Agriculture, high quality products, catering and hospitality

Fausto Borella

How much should cost extra virgin olive oil?

Commissioned and supervised by the management of the International Olive Council, this international study has been led by two experts with a solid track record in the subject area, José María Penco and Juan Vilar, who have drafted the study and its conclusions

S. C.

The scent of excellence for Ascolana tenera extra virgin olive oil

The family Marcantoni decided to devote himself to the production of extra virgin less than ten years old but has already reached considerable heights, thanks to ingenuity and innovation

Indra Galbo

In the Olympus of monocultivar olive oil: the Tonda Iblea

An extra virgin with the face of an angel, the Cherubino Terraliva, fresh and herbaceous. Pungent and bitter fruit in balance of 1,700 plants, even a hundred years old, grown using organic methods

Stefano Polacchi

The best quality / price extra virgin is Sardinian

An honest price, but it is not the only element to have impressed the judges of the Gambero Rosso. Antonio Gavino Fois has produced a riot of herbs, rosemary, mint and a clean scents of the Mediterranean

Stefano Polacchi

Mueloliva Picuda, an extra virgin strong as a bull

Not all Ibrerian olive oils are low quality products. Muela Olives S.L shows the "force" of Spanish extra virgin. It's the winner in the category of intense fruit of the seventh competition Harmony

Marco Antonucci

Tuscany overlooks Italian olive oil: Il Colle docet

A young, Agriturismo Il Colle, but has got a great result by imposing, in the medium fruity category of the competition Olio Capitale, even on a large group of fellow. Even organic and PGI are the weapons of this success

Alberto Grimelli

A river, a territory, a great passion for extra virgin

Società Cooperativa Agricola Olivicoltori Valle del Cedrino took the win in the category slightly fruity of Olio Capitale competition. An oil that reflects the island: harmonious but with strong character

S. C.

Fattoria Ramerino, Tuscan excellence that makes its way

The Tuscans love a challenge, how to recover 4000 abandoned olive trees. It is in the beautiful scene of rolling hills south of Florence born Guadagnolo "Primus", the exceptional extra virgin Fattoria Ramerino

Duccio Morozzo della Rocca

Passion and expertise: the Tuscan Le Rancole extra virgin

In the Casentino, in the province of Arezzo, a farm born from the passion of Lorenzo Massart and Cinzia Chiarion. In the hearth of Cinzia born olive passion

Alberto Grimelli

The Chilean road map to quality: Olisur

South American passion and European know-how. Strange and succesfull mix. Large investments and attention to quality. With this strategy Alfonso Swett won prestigious awards

Duccio Morozzo della Rocca

San Giuliano oil, 100% Italian

It is called “Fruttato” and it is a great extra virgin olive oil. Domenico Manca produces it by employing three olive varieties with extraordinary sensorial characteristics: Bosana, Frantoio and Coratina

Luigi Caricato

The big challenge of the monovariety oils of Olitalia

Recently also a well renowned producer marketed a series of extra virgin olive oils created to make the best of some of the most famous oil varieties. Nice bottles with top quality content

Luigi Caricato

The yellow gold of Vetrere on the summer tables

Apulia is at the top of quality for oils and olive trees. The sisters Anna Maria and Francesca Bruni present an extra virgin olive oil that merges the Ogliarola Salentina and the Cellina di Nardò varieties with the Frantoio, Leccino and Nocellare del Belice cultivars

Maria Carla Squeo

Volubilia, a Moroccan olive oil by Picholine variety

This extra virgin is producted on the slopes of Mount Atlas, by Christophe Gribelin in Meknes. A surprising North Africa

Maria Carla Squeo

More than five hundreds old trees for olive oil Gianecchia

Ten kilometers from the Adriatic an extra virgin "Colline di Brindisi", which expresses the characteristics of the area thanks to the typical fruity of the Ogliarola cultivar

Alberto Grimelli

The feminine touch of olive oil

The oil well in Calabria, South Italy, olives Grossa di Cassano. The single variety of the farm goes Doria, among others, by Alessandra Paolini

Luigi Caricato

Le Selve from Garda region is harmonious

There are five varieties that contribute to the excellent success of this blend. Everything revolves around the famous lake so dear to writers such as Gabriele D'Annunzio and Johann Wolfgang Goethe

Luigi Caricato

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