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San Giuliano PGI Sardinia, an extra virgin floral scents

It 'an oil with a designation of origin, from olives and Bosana Semidana. To produce Dominic Manca, a leading figure of Italian olive. Versatile and open to multiple uses, as raw as cooking

Luigi Caricato

The oil of Canossa. It's a refer to history

It's called "Fondo Bre'" and is produced in Italy on the eastern shore of Lake Garda. IIt's a Pdo and is made from olives Casaliva and partly Pendolino

Luigi Caricato

The "Cladivm"? Olive Picudo profumes

It is producted by Aroden from Andalucia. A single variety oil. The bottle is DOP Priego de Córdoba

Luigi Caricato

The extra virgin Agrestis, tomato and white fruit

The "Bell'Omio" is an Italian olive oil from olives produced in Sicily Round Iblea pure, organically grown. He won the prestigious Oil Capital, and not just

Luigi Caricato

Potosi Fuenroble, best quality award for people and chef

From the Spanish region Sierra de Segura, inside a natural park, an extra virgin olive oil by Picual cultivar

Alberto Grimelli

Recioppella: a traditional variety from Sannio enhanced by Zamparelli

In the province of Benevento in the heart of the Sannio district, the Zamparelli farm cultivates approximately 10 ha of hilly land which is used exclusively for the cultivation of olive trees

Luigi Caricato

Italian nothern extra virgin olive oil

Josephus Mayr proposes us a blend of twenty different cultivars of olive trees for a particular olive oil with also lemon sensations

Luigi Caricato

Tonda Iblea Agrestis: the flavours of Sicily

Two youngs decided to devote themself to the care of the many olive trees present in Buccheri and now the elderly owners were leaving

Luigi Caricato

Carolea. a Calabria cultivar and a brand for Statti olive mill

Carolea has very ancient origins. The Statti family has always played a leading role in the economy of Calabria in relationship with the history and tradition

Luigi Caricato

Aperitive olive oil, an original idea by Antonio Ruggero

The extra virgin olive oil now becomes a bevenda? Not only a provocation by a teacher with passion for good tasting

Luigi Caricato

Salella: the extra virgin of Cilento region

Pietra Bianca, by Frantoio Monzo, born from passionate olive growing and full of love for his land and its traditions

Luigi Caricato

Extra virgin olive oil Le Ripe: the dream of two cousins

Produced organically with Gentile di Chieti and Leccino olives, harvested directly from the trees in the early stage of the maturation process

Luigi Caricato

From the Green Heart of Italy: Gradassi olive oil

Following a centuries' old family tradition, they carefully handpick the olives to then bring them to the olive mill on their Estate which dates back as far as 1639

Luigi Caricato

Quattrociocchi olive oil, the juice of Alatri

This organic extra virgin is produced with a selected variety of olives: Moraiolo, Frantoio and Leccino, picked in the heart of Ciociaria

Luigi Caricato

2,000 olive trees in Tuscany and a biological olive oil

A medium intensity extra virgin, produced with biological method in the centre of Tuscany, among the rolling hills that cradle Leonardo.

Luigi Caricato

Maculan family, winemakers with a passion for extra virgin olive oil

The high plains of Asiago (Veneto Region) offer natural protection and create an extremely mild climate that favors the cultivation of vines and olives

Luigi Caricato

From Kythera Island a superb organic olive oil

In the South-East of the Mediterranean sea born an extra virgin from Koroneiki variety, grow at an altitude of 10 to 140m above sea level, extracted by crushing the fruit at low temperatures

Graziano Alderighi

From Sicily’s satellite, a soft extra virgin olive oil

Pantelleria Arabic name is Qawsarah or Bent el Rion, meaning Daughter of the Wind. Here Biancolilla cultivar express his tipicity

Luigi Caricato

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