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Masseria Cusmai. The testify of an high territorial devotion

At the beginning of century this farm was born, originally belonging to the Croce family, Barons of Naples, and relatives of the Royal Senator Benedetto Croce

Ernesto Vania

Titone, a Sicilian organic olive oil on sea level

A young farm with a lot of awards. A successful story that born from passion for Sicily and its treasure: extra virgin olive oil

Graziano Alderighi

Il Roccolo, from basement of a medieval tower a tasty Garda Dop olive oil

A young company with lot passion for extra virgin and countryside, as an ancestor priest who cultivated the typical Brescia passion for birds

Luigi Caricato

From Tuscany with love: Moraiolo by San Frediano

The upper Maremma region can make surprise as an extra virgin with a manful personality without aggressive character: a “gentleman” olive oil

Alberto Grimelli

Cotec, thousand hectares of history

An extra virgin, made from a mix of olives of the region, bottled by a Consortium created in 2001 with the aim of enhancing and promoting quality

Luigi Caricato

Cetrone, an intense Itrana extra virgin olive oil

Since 1860 the family is dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees to provide connoisseurs and lovers to taste a true essence of olive oil unique and inimitable

Luigi Caricato

Riviera of flowers reveals her secrets

From Liguria an extra virgin olive oil obtained by beating down Taggiasca olives from the trees and cold pressing

Fabrizio Vignolini

From hilly Puglia area, the “Goccia from Bitonto”

The Cuonzo farm’s establishment is located in a place dated from the year 1600 and has become an olive oil mill and wine cellar

Alberto Grimelli

Verdenso, the passion of Cremonini for olive oil

A company with a long experience working in the olive oil business, Olitalia has developed a large and well-organised range of oil specialities.

Fabrizio Vignolini

Salvagno, an ancient family who live on hill of Garda Lake

An extra virgin olive oil from North Italy. On the hills of Garda lake three cultivars, Grignano, Favarol and Leccino for a delicate bouquet

Fabrizio Vignolini

Isnardi, a long oil tradition from Liguria

Pietro Isnardi has became the bearer of a new concept of health through diet, attributing to his oil the names "pure" and "oil to drink"

Fabrizio Vignolini

San Giuliano, extra virgin olive oil from Bosana and Semidana

A Dop, obtained by cold press, from olive groves located in Alghero and in the North coast of Sardinia

Fabrizio Vignolini

La Cavallerizza di Rosa. Rome extra virgin olive oil

A Dop Sabina, biological to preserve the history and the natural beauties of Lucretili’s Mountains

Fabrizio Vignolini

From Lunigiana's hills, Frantoio Moro

An Igp Tuscany extra virgin olive oil obtanined with cold press. Storage in stainless steel tanks with constant temperature

Fabrizio Vignolini

Italy: Vantera, monocultivar olive oil by Ortice

Obtained from hand-picked olives, the extraction is made by "superdecanter", an innovative low-temperature continuous plant

Fabrizio Vignolini

Italy: Moraiolo Fabbri, an extra virgin olive oil from Florence hills

Produced in Tuscany, it’s a single variety suitable with grilled red meat and any meat with a distinct flavour

Fabrizio Vignolini

Italy: Coriolanum, from the heart of the Magna Grecia

This week an extra virgin olive oil from Calabria, that’s a mosaic of culture, art, tradition and innovation

Fabrizio Vignolini

Italy: Petraia organic

A single cultivar extra virgin olive oil, 100% Coratina, from the hills of Bari. A Dop Terra di Bari produced with organic orchard

Fabrizio Vignolini

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