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Cetrone, an intense Itrana extra virgin olive oil

Since 1860 the family is dedicated to the cultivation of olive trees to provide connoisseurs and lovers to taste a true essence of olive oil unique and inimitable

Since 1860, only quality ...
The estate is located in Sonnino, village originally from the Middle Ages, in the province of Latina, in the coastal strip of the Lepine Mountains, 500 meters above sea level.
Approximately 100 hectares with 20,000 plants to the famous old mixed almond trees local assets in olive Monocultivar Itrana, grown with love, passion and traditional methods of natural family

Cetrone Intense
The olives are picked by hand directly from the plant nibbling during the months of November / early December, we have green for about 80%, are carefully selected freshly picked, cold pressed strictly no later than 24 hours of collection .
The oil that it yields is stored in steel tanks and racked after about 30 days, after being decanted naturally for an additional 30 days is the vacuum packed in bottles.


Description green colour with gold reflex, it is clear to the eye. The bouquet has aromas reminiscent net fresh fruit and green, marked with grassy notes and references to white fruit. Has good fluidity and harmony on the palate with taste of artichoke plant and grass field, bitter and spicy but well-balanced. In closing tones almond and persistence of spicy.

Indicated with pasta with zucchini and mint, salad of celery and oranges; veal chops with mushrooms.

Estarte, produced and bottled by:
Azienda agricola Gina Cetrone
via Cornarolo 4, Sonnino (LT)

by Luigi Caricato
07 september 2009, Food Notes > Olive Oil