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From Tuscany with love: Moraiolo by San Frediano

The upper Maremma region can make surprise as an extra virgin with a manful personality without aggressive character: a “gentleman” olive oil

A young farm, born with passion, in Val di Cornia, in the upper Maremma region with a mission: top produce best extra virgin olive oils of the Tuscany coast.

50 hectares with 14.000 olive trees of Tuscay varietas: Leccino, Frantoio, Moraiolo, Maurino and Pendolino.

The agricultural techniques want to minimize the use of syntentic chemicals and to protect the juice of olives the fruits are picked and soon pressed (within 24 hours).

San Frediano – Moraiolo

Certification: IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) issued by the Consortium for the Protection of Tuscan Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Harvest: October-November 2008
Extraction system: Cold

Description: with a brilliant light green colour and a medium intensity flavour of fresh fruits, note of artichoke and other Mediterranean herbaceous, this extra virgin surprise for a balanced fragrance, not too much delicate, not too much aggressive. Tuneful, with a spicy quite persistent and a pleasant bitter.

Estate, produced and bottled by:
San Frediano
Loc San Frediano – Piombino (LI)
Commercial Office:
Via Niccolini 7 – San Giuliano Terme (PI)

by Alberto Grimelli
02 november 2009, Food Notes > Olive Oil