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Titone, a Sicilian organic olive oil on sea level

A young farm with a lot of awards. A successful story that born from passion for Sicily and its treasure: extra virgin olive oil

About 20 hectares of olive trees.
Tree most important cultivars: Cerasuola, Nocellara del Belice, Biancolilla.
A good feeling with agriculture and great respect for nature.
All this is Titone farm who produce an extra virgin olive oil that received a lot of awards in Italy and in the world.


Organic production, hand picked from middle of October to November.

Description: intense golden yellow with light green tones. Intense flavours of fresh olive with strong vegetable notes among which it is possible to recognize the aroma of unripe tomatoes. Also in the mouth you can recognize a lot of vegetable with bitter and spicy sensations balanced

Suggested Uses: good boby, it can be perfectly paired with raw and boiled vegetable, vegetable and orange salads, vegetables and legume soup, barbecued red meat.

Estate, produced and bottled by:
Azienda agricola biologica Titone
Via Piro 68 – Loco Grande (TP)

by Graziano Alderighi
04 january 2010, Food Notes > Olive Oil