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Italy: Coriolanum, from the heart of the Magna Grecia

This week an extra virgin olive oil from Calabria, that’s a mosaic of culture, art, tradition and innovation

The spirit of its forefathers, the expression on a millenary culture, the protector of refined and genuine flavours of the present, the Minisci farms lie in a unique, rich territory.
Sibari, the heart of the Magna Grecia, is mosaic of culture art, tradition and innovation.

Category: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Label: Coriolanum

Varieties: Dolce Rossano (80%), Tondina, Carolea
The olives are hand picked from December to the 15 of January and the olive press is within 24 hours from harvest.

Description: light ripe fruity with green notes, retro nasal olfactory sensations of almonds. It’s a sweet extra virgin olive oil, clear, tending to a green color.

Estate grown, produced and bottled by:
La Molazza Sas
C.da Mezofato
87064 Corigliano Calabro (CS)

by Fabrizio Vignolini
23 february 2009, Food Notes > Olive Oil