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Italy: Vantera, monocultivar olive oil by Ortice

Obtained from hand-picked olives, the extraction is made by "superdecanter", an innovative low-temperature continuous plant

Vantera is obtained from hand-picked olives. Their transformation takes place in a very short time, in order to obtain a very low free acidity grade. The olives go trough a cold milling process made by a continuous mill with stone wheels. Extraction is made by "superdecanter", an innovative low-temperature continuous plant.

Category: Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Label: Olio Vantera

Production area: Pontelandolfo (BN)
Olive variety:100% Ortice

Description: Golden yellow tending to green. Fruity with vegetable signs of grass and green tomato, balanced by bitter and spicy

At present Rinaldi firm is on the market with l. 1, l. 0.750, l. 0.500 and l.0.250 bottles and operates either on the national or on the international market.

Use: All dishes, especially fish salad and legumes

Estate grown, produced and bottled by:
Frantoio Oleario Rinaldi s.r.l.
Via Cerquelle, 3 - 82027 Pontelandolfo (BN)

by Fabrizio Vignolini
09 march 2009, Food Notes > Olive Oil