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Italian nothern extra virgin olive oil

Josephus Mayr proposes us a blend of twenty different cultivars of olive trees for a particular olive oil with also lemon sensations

"Unterganzner" blend obtained from the milling of more than twenty different varieties of olives, including Cima di Melfi, Leccino and Pendolino.

Tasting. Yellow, clear vision. The nose has notes frutttate of medium intensity, which start clean and fresh, with clean herbaceous scent. The mouth has good fluidity and softness, taste and hints of artichoke plant of white fruits and almonds, retro-olfactory sensations. Overall it is balanced, with a sweet sensation on the palate. In closing little spicy lemon and references.

The combination. Pumpkin noodles, salad with green apple and fennel Chioggia, baked trout with cauliflower and walnut.

Erbhof Unterganzner, di Josephus Mayr
via Campiglio 15, frazione Cardano, Bolzano - Italy

by Luigi Caricato
07 february 2011, Food Notes > Olive Oil