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Recioppella: a traditional variety from Sannio enhanced by Zamparelli

In the province of Benevento in the heart of the Sannio district, the Zamparelli farm cultivates approximately 10 ha of hilly land which is used exclusively for the cultivation of olive trees

The estate where the olive groves are cultivated by Zamparelli family is called “Le Cesine”.
The land is gently inclined and faces south, at 270 to 315 meters above sea level. There are approximately 5,000 olive trees planted out in rows with planting template 6 x 3 and 5 x 4. The entire estate is equipped with drop irrigation system.

In Cerreto Sannita there is the ancient family palazzo, where houses the offices, the storage and packaging areas.

Recioppella extra virgin olive oil

Cultivar: Recioppella

Description: colour is deep yellow, light green reflections. Perfumes are fruity, medium intensity connotations herbaceous with hints of apple. At taste is delicate and soft, sweet at first glance, with hints of almond and slight bits of bitter and spicy, well balanced. Retro-olfactory sensation: grass field and almond closing, with a slightly spicy finish.

Matches: with fish dishes, creamed vegetables, grilled meats.

by Luigi Caricato
07 march 2011, Food Notes > Olive Oil