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Le Selve from Garda region is harmonious

There are five varieties that contribute to the excellent success of this blend. Everything revolves around the famous lake so dear to writers such as Gabriele D'Annunzio and Johann Wolfgang Goethe

The olives from which it got the extra virgin olive oil "Le Selve" belong to four distinct cultivars, among which there are varieties Gargnà and Casale, in particular indigenous and peculiar, in addition to Leccino and Pendolino, also expression now historicized land. Dominating in the blend is in particular the variety Casaliva, which helps to give body and personality to an extra virgin who already contraddingue for harmony and elegance.

Greenish with golden highlights, it is clear to the eye. The nose opens with fruity scents of medium intensity. You feel clean, herbal tones, with clear hints of almond and fresh herbaceous overtones. In the mouth it is soft and round, has a feeling iniizale buoan fluidity and sweet, then a light touch of bitterness and a spicy progressive, however, too small, not too pronounced. The taste is vegetable, artichoke, and leaves a pleasant sensation and a clean mouth. In closing, almond and slightly spicy tip.

Risotto with dried fruit, celery and apple tartare, salmon and courgette skewers with honey.

by Luigi Caricato
03 october 2011, Food Notes > Olive Oil