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The feminine touch of olive oil

The oil well in Calabria, South Italy, olives Grossa di Cassano. The single variety of the farm goes Doria, among others, by Alessandra Paolini

The farm operates Doria since the early '900 in the Plain of Sybaris in Calabria, southern Italy. Oil is the single variety of olives Grossa di Cassano, but the company bottling the single cultivar Nocellara Messina, Carolea Cipressino and, in addition to blend called "Sun", "Earth" and "South".

The view is from greenish yellow, clear. The nose opens elegant, fruity with intense, clean, with clear references and connotations herbaceous tomato and apple. These are sensations of freshness, those that are perceived, even after a few months of opening the bottle, well preserved, on my second try.
Passed the litmus test, that of the summer. The taste is fruity, has good fluidity and harmonic notes, with a bitter and spicy well balanced and proportioned, light plant, with clear references to the artichoke. In closing the grass field and a slight bit spicy.

Estate and produced by:
Società Agricola Doria S.r.l.
Contrada Mandria di Nola - 87011 Doria (CS)

by Luigi Caricato
07 november 2011, Food Notes > Olive Oil