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Salvagno, an ancient family who live on hill of Garda Lake

An extra virgin olive oil from North Italy. On the hills of Garda lake three cultivars, Grignano, Favarol and Leccino for a delicate bouquet

The story of the Salvagno company goes back to a long time ago. A story made of traditions and hard work. The Salvagno family began from ancient Venetian origins. In the beginning of the XIX century, after the fall of theRepublic of Venice, the Salvagno family left the travelling and trades in Venice and settled in Nesente on the hills of Verona near the lake of Garda, a beautiful place where the family still lives and work. There, the Salvagnos started farming, but most of all they were one of the first families that started growing olive trees, a brand-new business.
The good climate of this region warm-rainy summer and mild winter together with the rich and soft soil make of these hills the perfect spot for olive growing. As time passed by, the production of olives increased considerably and, at the beginning of the XX century, the family decided to change the old oil mill and buy a bigger one. The actual oil mill has two lines of production, which allows them to press 40 ql for hour and to serve almost 700 other olive companies.

Production area: hills from Lake Garda to Verona

Cultivar: Grignano 80%, Favarol, Leccino

Extractio system: Traditional by cold grinding

Description: Green with golden tints. The fragrance is Continuous, ample and persistent with a delicate bouquet and almond taste.

Indicated for raw for meat, fish and vegetables

Estate, grown and bottled by:
Contrada Gazzego 1 - 37142 Nesente Valpantena (VR)

by Fabrizio Vignolini
04 may 2009, Food Notes > Olive Oil