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Verdenso, the passion of Cremonini for olive oil

A company with a long experience working in the olive oil business, Olitalia has developed a large and well-organised range of oil specialities.

Olitalia, founded in 1983, grows within the Cremonini Group, distributing its products starting from catering and then to retail. Since then, Olitalia has developed a large and well-organised range of oil specialities. Cremonini Group brings an important contribution to the growth of Olitalia, thanks to its experience in satisfying the requirements of the retail and catering distribution network.

Cremonini Group, who has been present in the food industry for 50 years, has always been very concerned about production, process and packaging innovations. It has a vast experience in the requirements of the modern food industry, market that requires modern standards of hygiene, cleanliness and service.

Giuseppe Cremonini, together with his brother, set up a company that today is leader in the European market for the production of meat: Inalca. Later, Inalca core business expanded to new products and business: pork, catering, a fast food company (Burghy), mineral water, herbs; all these industries created a group that was able to compound a great experience in the food industry. Cremonini Group is listed at the Milan Stock exchange and it is one of the most important in the European food sector. Today Olitalia belongs to the family of Giuseppe Cremonini and it is run by his sons: Camillo and Angelo
An extra virgin olive oil obtained from olive-tree fruit (Olea Europea) by using exclusively mechanical or physical processes on those conditions which do not alter oil quality. This type of oil production evidences that care has been taken to ensure that the oil receives no other treatments than decantation, centrifugation and filtering.

Medium fresh greenly fruity, with a sweet taste, well balanced, retronasal herbs persistence, with a good fluidity; very low pungency and bitterness.

Estate and bottled by:
Olitalia s.r.l.
via Antonio Meucci, 22/a - 47100 Forlì

by Fabrizio Vignolini
01 june 2009, Food Notes > Olive Oil