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From hilly Puglia area, the “Goccia from Bitonto”

The Cuonzo farm’s establishment is located in a place dated from the year 1600 and has become an olive oil mill and wine cellar

The "Franco Cuonzo" farm is in Bari country, in the hilly Bitonto area, known as the olive city for thousands of years.
The farm's olive groves lie on the slopes at an altitude ranging between 200 and 300 m above sea level, and yield two select varieties: "Ogliarola", also known as "Cima di Bitonto", and "Coratina". On the Cuonzo farm, looking after the olives has always been a labour of love: every possible measure and care is taken to produce better, healthier olives, employing the services of qualified technicians for guided, integrated pest control to protect the plants.
When the olives start to ripen, they are handpicked and ground within a matter of hours in the farm's mill, with its granite millstones, and cold pressed.

The farm's old speciality is the "Goccia di Bitonto" oil, a veritable olive juice, yellow in colour with flashes of green.

Goccia di Bitonto
This particular oil is produce in limited quantities due to the fact only a tiny part of the olive, the purest can be slowly dripped without any means of pressure. After the oil has been spontaneously settled and several times decanted without any other alterations, it will be store in the typical hand-made artisanal terracotta containers, made by the local artisans which guarantees a long preservation.

Description: yellow intense color with green reflections; typical olive green fragrance; sweet taste, with a slight hint of almonds; fruity aftertaste for “Ogliarola”, taste more bitter and more intensely fruity for “Coratina”; free from defects and residues of agro drugs, rather high density

Produced and bottled by:
Azienda agricola Cuonzo
Corso Vittorio Emanuele 22, Bitonto (Italy)

by Alberto Grimelli
06 july 2009, Food Notes > Olive Oil