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Riviera of flowers reveals her secrets

From Liguria an extra virgin olive oil obtained by beating down Taggiasca olives from the trees and cold pressing

For over 170 years, the passion and skills of the Mela family have been the ingredients of a unique extra virgin olive oil. The Olive Oil Mill of Sant’Agata d’Oneglia, which produces specialities that blend old traditions and local characteristics with important nutritional and health values, is situated in a small hillside village in the hinterland of Imperia overlooking the Ligurian Sea.

The secret of this success story is the commitment and passion of the Mela family, which, since way back in 1827, has dedicated itself to the production of olive oil of the highest quality. Experience coupled with unquestionable professionalism has earned the firm a place in the Corporation of Olive Oil Masters - an elite group of expert producers and researchers engaged in the promotion of the culture of olive oil throughout the world.

Extra Virgin D.O.P. - the Riviera of Flowers

Obtained by beating down Taggiasca olives from the trees and cold pressing them within 24 hours of their harvesting, this extra virgin olive oil has passed very severe tests, including the meticulous panel test where the olive oil is tested for its flavour and aroma.

Description: light fruity notes with a tendency to mature and defined nuances of fresh almond, decided to taste sweet, great balance and feel full in the mouth, accompanied by a spicy finish and appreciable hint of bitterness

Estate and bottled by:
Frantoio di Sant’Agata d’Oneglia
Via Sant’Agata – Strada dei Francesi, 48, Imperia

by Fabrizio Vignolini
03 august 2009, Food Notes > Olive Oil