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Antonella Pinna: from law study to olive growing

The rural world is certainly “contradictory” as the personal history of this olive oil entrepreneurs who born near the wonderful sea of Sardinia


Andrea Bertazzi and the respect for countryside

This month we present a grapevine and olive farmer who work in North of Italy, owner of Il Roccolo estate at Polpenazze del Garda


Armando Manni, the artist with a passion for olive

Movie director and producer of oil, he divides his time between the olive trees at Amiata and the cities of Rome and New York, where he lives. He is the author of the cult movie Elvjs & Merilijn

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Donatella Cinelli Colombini, art historian and wine woman

She founded the wine tourism association (Movimento del turismo del vino) and invented the “open wine cellars” event. Her passion for the Bacchus drink is always astonishing

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Laura Turri, the "queen" of extra virgin olive oil on Garda lake

A keyword for the future of farming? Environmental and economical sustainability at both local and global levels, ensuring the production of healthy, top-quality food

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Keith Richmond, from United Kingdom to Tuscany

A long trip. Born in UK, educated in the USA. Now he is a farmer who produces an high-quality extra virgin olive oil "against the elements, rising costs and bureaucracy"

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Duccio Corsini, a noble farmer

Graduated in Modern History at Milan he choosed a vineyard project and consider farming "today more than ever in the last 40 years is: fundamental"

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A business man and farmer: Enrico Rana

A definition of farming? Passion and devotion. An adjective for defining the world of farming? Fascinating and concrete

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A marketing consultant become a winemaker: Ampelio Bucci

The passion for agriculture came later but his family owned a large estate in Marche region for centuries. His model Man? Carlo Petrini


Charlotte Horton, champion of the values and tastes of the earth

An English on the slopes of Monte Amiata, Tuscany, in the Castle of Potentino. So much passion and talent to produce excellent olive oils and wines

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Felice Modica: modernization without perversion

From press to agricolture. The intellectual peasant produces wines and olive oil in Sicily, where Europe borders Africa whilst retaining its deep-rooted european cultural traditions

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