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Francesca Stajano, a successfull story in the South of Italy

In the family farm, from 1980, she improves her experience in the wine and olive production and feels herself a peasant with few foolish entreprenditorial ambitions

Francesca Stajano was born in Gallipoli in 1938 and in this area she runs a family business from the 80s, improving her experience in the wine and olive production.

In the last twenty years she has been concentrated on the olive growing and thanks to the excellent quality of her olives (celline and ogliarole) she started the production and marketing of a small quantity of extra virgin olive oil, with her sons' help.

She has received important rave reviews in trade fairs, exbitions and selections, but she hopes to overcome the marketing difficulties.
In fact the poor quality products' competition risks to exclude someone who works with loyalty and courage.

Why do you decide to make business in farming?
Our deep love for nature, the family tradition and the interest to mantain a high quality of our products let us make business in farming.

Do you feel more a peasant, a farmer or a business men?
I feel a peasant with few foolish entreprenditorial ambitions, if this means to love the land and what it produces without thinking to easy earnings.

A definition of farming.
Farming is an activity that gives us a human level and the way to beat time by nature.

An adjective for defining the world of farming.

A keyword for the future of farming.
The keyword for the future of farming could be to respect the nature, to go on with the own tradition and to impose a high qualiyty product.

A model men.
Carlo Petrini.

Someone to… go to the hell.
A political man (or all political people ..... it could be better).

A book concerning the rural world you’d suggest to read.
Fontamara of Ignazio Silone.

Your favourite book.
Dottor Zivago of Boris Leonidovic Pasternak

Your favourite song or composition.
Lo sai che i papaveri ...... (it's a famous italian song)

Your unforgettable movie.
The Lord of the Rings

What would you like to find after passing away?
The blossoming of the nature.

by L. C.
03 may 2010, Food Notes > The Farmers