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Elena Franco, her heart that beats for wine

She is the soul of the winery Fortesi in Oltrepò Pavese, Northern Italy. A definition of agriculture? A new ancient way of life

Elena Franco è nata a Milano il 21 novembre 1968. Studi classici e giuridici alle spalle, ha incontrato l'uomo della sua vita, con il quale si è sposata e trasferita in campagna, dove ora produce vino nelle campagne dell'Oltrepo Pavese, in Lombardia, ed è l'anima pulsante dell'Azienda Vitivinicola Fortesi.

Why do you decide to make business in farming?
10 years ago I met my husband who was already working in agriculture. So when we married I began this new life and fell in love with this job

Do you feel more a peasant, a farmer or a business men?

A definition of farming.
A new ancient way of life.

An adjective for defining the world of farming.
Confused and worried.

A keyword for the future of farming.

A model men.
Luca Zaia.

Someone to… go to the hell.
All the people who take advantage of the efforts of the farmers (from the media, to the politicians, also the producers themselves)

A book concerning the rural world you’d suggest to read.
21 vignaioli che hanno fatto più bella la mia vita, di U. Stefani.

Your favorite book.
Le Petit Prince, by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Your favorite song or composition.
Panic by Giovanni Allevi.

Your unforgettable movie.

What would you like to find after passing away?

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