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Elena Parovel fault in love for Friuli Venenzia Giulia

She is the fourth generation of family's farm and thinks herself as a business woman. She tells to her collegues: "be more oriented to a customer with a marketing vision"

Elena Parovel is a young farmer. Born in Trieste, she decided soon to work in family farm and now she is the administrator and manager in the producing and sales company wines and extra virgin olive oils, based in Friuli Venezia Giulia.
She also pays lot attentions to her region, se she is member of che board of the Consortium Wine Tourism Movement and President of the Commitee promoter of enhancement of olive oil, extra virgin of Trieste.

- Why do you decide to make business in farming?
I'm the fourth generation of my family's farm, so it was a "natural" consequence. I liked and appreciated farming when I was child, thanks to my parents, who knows to transmit me enthusiasm for creating products and love for green life.

- Do you feel more a peasant, a farmer or a business men?
Business woman.

- A definition of farming.
Producing products with mother nature.

- An adjective for defining the world of farming.

- A keyword for the future of farming.
In Italy: be more oriented to a customer with a marketing vision.

- A model men.
I don't believe in a model man. The most important thing is to believe in your own ideas, and do anything with heart. Live with emotions, is my opinion for a model.

- Someone to… go to the hell.
No one. Any person do good things.

- A book concerning the rural world you’d suggest to read.
There are many. I like reed old books of years 1750-1800 which describes the practical wisdom.

- Your favorite book.
Many. I like reed essays.

Y- our favorite song or composition.
Zdravljica (France Prešeren, slovenian poet)

- Your unforgettable movie

- What would you like to find after passing away?
The continuity of this life.

by T N
07 february 2011, Food Notes > The Farmers