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Lorenzo Massart, lawyer, wine producer and painter

It 'an Italian producer who has brought honor and prestige to the wines of the Casentino area of Tuscany near Arezzo all still to discover and enjoy its special enoic

Lorenzo Massart leads for about twenty years, even in first person, the company Poggiotondo, which covers 54 hectares with the help of a team very well together. It deals only with wine (Sangiovese and prefers) while his wife, Cynthia Chiarion, following exclusively the part olive and created and runs the site

Massart was also a painter (abstract) and lawyer (labor law) and loves all three of its business in the same way. E'orgoglioso of being the first bottler of its area and that he did know the wines of the Casentino in the world.

Why do you decide to make business in farming?
I was born in the countryside so I need the land to live.
However, it has never been essential for me to work systematically at producing oil and wine …but I love heady emotions and Poggiotono, my farm, gives me a thrill every day.

Do you feel more a peasant, a farmer or a businessman?
I consider myself a peasant, a farmer and a businessman at the same time, as well as I’m always a lawyer and a painter. I think in order to be alive a man must do lots of things at the same time, do them well and enjoy doing them.

A definition of farming.
A world apart where not everyone is allowed to get in, despite their insistence… Believe me, it’s an terrifically exclusive circle.

An adjective for defining the world of farming.

A keyword for the future of farming.
Help us, but respect our identity

A model men.
I have met great men among ordinary people, some of them right in Poggiotondo. On the contrary, I’ve never met anyone among the so-called important people worthy to be remembered.

Someone to… go to the hell.
All those who don’t love the land, the plants, the flowers, the animals and, when in the countryside, are afraid of getting dirty.

A book concerning the rural world you’d suggest to read.
Giulio Gambelli, l’uomo che sa ascoltare il vino (Giulio Gambelli, the man who can listen to wine) by Carlo Macchi. It’s about an ordinary man who enjoys making wine by ear …… in defiance of all the wise guys.

Your favorite book.
Daily Life on Montmartre in the Times of Picasso by Jean-Paul Crespelle. It’s about a world I regret I didn’t inhabit … but maybe one day … when I’m not here below anymore …

Your favorite song or composition.
Walz for Debby by Bill Evans.

Your unforgettable movie.
The Discreet Charm of the Bourgeoisie by Louis Bunuel or Playtime by Jacques Tatì. As an alternative, both of them.

What would you like to find after passing away?
The tropical sea, my animals beside me, my great love… Oh, I nearly forgot… A bottle of white wine drowned in a bucket overfull with ice cubes and a glass made of extremely thin crystal. Absolute silence. Amen.

by T N
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