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Italy: Feudo dei Conti 2004

A wine from Nebbiolo grapevines, grown in Valtellina from vines situated in the best positions, both for sun and altitude

The “Feudo dei Conti” Sforzato di Valtellina wine is the result of a careful study of grapes and vines aimed at bringing out the maximum potential of the Nebbiolo vine cultivated in the elected terrain of the Valtellina. The first Sforzato produced by Salis which bore the signature of Vittorio Fiore and Barbara Tamburini who have been collaborating with the Tirano canteen since November 2006.
It is obtained from selected grapes produced from vines situated in the best positions, both for sun and altitude.
This careful selection of the grapes starts with the plant, during the grape harvesting phase.

Once harvested, the grapes are transported into the company in small cases; then after a long period of raisining on special drying trellises in the larder which causes the loss of about 50% of the initial weight and a considerable concentration of sugars and aromas, the grapes are pressed in the second week of the January following the harvest and the residue is left to ferment in stainless steel containers at a controlled temperature for a period of between two to three weeks.

The resulting wine is then put into first and second step casks (called barriques) where the Malolactic fermentation takes place, followed by 24 months of maturation before it is bottled.
A final year of ageing in the bottle lets the “Feudo dei Conti” Sforzato express to the maximum its marvellous qualitative potential.

“Feudo dei Conti” is only produced during exceptional vintage years and based on the quantity of grapes, and wants to be the maximum expression of a complex and important wine like Sforzato di Valtellina. In fact, the name chosen wants to evoke the selection and the election, the choice of a special reserve, an oenological feud produced for the 2004 vintage in 4,800 exclusive and prestigious numbered bottles with careful packaging (only in wooden cases and sealing wax capsule).

Description: With a ruby red colour that tends towards garnet as it ages, it has ethereal aromas with evident hints of marasca, complex and variegated spices dashed with undertones of sambuca confecture, but also sweet spices such as liquorice and cinnamon.
A complex taste, morbid and full-bodied with fruity and spicy fragrances. A very pleasant wine that stays in the mouth, leaving a very pleasant aftertaste, and that has a great aging potential (up to 12/15 years).

Alcoholic proof: 15.5°

Prize: Euro 55 in the wine house

Conti Sertoli Salis 1637
Via Stelvio, 18
23037 Tirano (SO)

by Luca Bandirali
02 february 2009, Food Notes > Wine