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Nipozzano Riserva, the DOCG Chianti Rufina by Marchesi de' Frescobaldi

This wine always retains its close relationship with the Castello di Nipozzano terroir, particularly regarding exceptional levels of fruit quality in the areas

Estate and vineyard location: Chianti Rùfina area where is located Castello di Nipozzano

Soil type: Dry and stony, with clay, limestone, well drained, poor in organic matter.

Planting density: From 2,500 to 6,000 vines per hectare

Training system: Spur - pruned cordon and guyot

The 2006 harvest for the Tenute Frescobaldi was completed on October 11. The overall evaluation is very positive, particularly regarding exceptional levels of fruit quality in the areas where the Tenute Frescobaldi are located.
Castello di Nipozzano, the standard-bearer of Chianti Rufina DOCG winemaking, experienced even and balanced growing conditions, with normal amounts of rain during July and August. The year yielded wines of considerable elegance and outstanding ageing potential.
Light rains during the summer provided the vines with enough moisture to undergo veraison (change of colour) without problem. Sunny, crisp, dry days in September and October were crucial in developing in the grapes all of the qualities necessary for the production of wines of unsurpassed quality and fine structure.

Description: a purple-flecked, dark red impresses the eye with its richness. The nose first conveys graceful floral notes of sweet violet and a tasty amalgam of sour black cherry, dried plum, and raspberry, which is soon enriched with spicy nuances of vanilla. A notably refreshing crispness marks the entire progression of the wine in the mouth, as well as dense-packed, youthful tannins that are, however, already quite well integrated into the structure. It concludes with a generous, warm finish.

Estate, grown, bottled by:
Marchesi de' Frescobaldi
Via S.Spirito 11 - 50125 Firenze

by Graziano Alderighi
30 march 2009, Food Notes > Wine