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Italy: Sada Igt Vermentino 2007

The estate is located in the Casale Marittimo, Tuscany. Here, at an altitude of 300 meters, were planted vines to create wines with own style and distinctive identity

Davide Sada embarked on his wine growing adventure in 2002. The estate is located in the Casale Marittimo,Tuscany, at an altitude of 300 meters, offering a spectacular view from the hilltops overlooking the sea.
After having made detailed geological studies of the land lying between Casale Marittimo, Bibbona and Bolgheri, he picked out the plots that were especially suited to growing high-quality grapes.
Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Montepulciano and Alicante vines were then planted in the alluvial terrain containing clayey, a calcareous soil, covering a total of 9 hectares.
Thanks to the consistency of the soil and the particularly temperate microclimate, the grapes are able to gently ripen to full maturity.
A particularly dry climate is created by the intense light and the breeze that blows off the sea, day and night.
Four hectares of clayey sandstone soil on the slopes of Casale Marittimo were planted with Vermentino vines, a project close to the heart and taste of the Countess Cristiana Durini di Monza, Davide's wife.
The philosophy of Agricola Sada is based on the conviction that wine must be a natural expression of the land where it is produced, with full respect for the qualities of the grapes and the characteristics the region is known for. With quality as the ultimate goal we produce sophisticated wines that have their own style and a distinctive identity.

The pure Vermentino is made from grapes grown on 4 hectares of vines planted on hill slopes with a southern exposure and an east-west row direction. Cold fermented in stainless steel tanks after soft pressing, it presents a straw-yellow colour with green hues.
A floral bouquet with tropical aromas, full-bodied and flavourful on the palate, it is accompanied by good minerality and freshness. A scented white wine that goes well with all courses of fish or vegetables.

Azienda Agricola SADA
Casale Marittimo (PI) - Italy

by Luca Bandirali
09 february 2009, Food Notes > Wine