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Showcase works of art by local farmers

03 May 2012 TN 4 Year 4

To walk across Madagascar

In May 2012 a team is attempting to walk across the world’s fourth largest island, in order to promote tourism in this impoverished nation

02 April 2012 TN 4 Year 4

Travel photography workshop with Darwin Wiggett

Recognized as one of Canada’s most talented outdoor photographers, Mr. Wiggett and his partner Samantha Chrysanthou are offering a four-day seminar to teach aspiring travel photographers everything they need to know

02 April 2012 TN 4 Year 4

Valencia typical dishes in Easter period

Here are some gastronomic ideas for anyone who wants to travel through the region of Valencia during these Easter holidays

02 April 2012 TN 4 Year 4

Australia has one of the world’s most beautiful beaches

Australia is also famous for the beauty of nature and its wildlife too. Melbourne is the city which is famous for diverse cultures and for even remarkable contrasts

05 March 2012 TN 3 Year 4

New event to increase travels in Oman

Oman’s ministry of tourism unveils strategic plans for 2012. Partners with Oman Air for series of initiatives planned to complement Muscat’s status as Arab Tourism Capital

05 March 2012 TN 3 Year 4

Identikit of the wine-tourist: young and passionate about web 2.0

Wine-tourism in Italy is a collective mania in search for culture, sport, nature and wellbeing. Typical customers travel in two or in-group

05 March 2012 TN 3 Year 4

Fabulous Florida strawberry month

Florida's winter strawberries are in season November through March, bringing a taste of summer all winter long and a beautiful treat for Valentine's Day

06 February 2012 TN 2 Year 4

Nicaragua continues to draw positive attention from tourists

The Nicaragua Tourism Board recently reported that over one million foreign visitors came to Nicaragua during 2011, an increase of 8.4 percent over the previous year.

06 February 2012 TN 2 Year 4

Central Vietnam boast the most beautiful beaches in the country

The centre lies along South China Sea, from Quang Binh to the former capital city of Hue, ancient trading town of Hoi An, the white sand beaches of Nha Trang

02 January 2012 TN 1 Year 4

Husky-sledding in Finnish and Norwegian lapland

For many, Lapland’s idyllic landscapes will provide a welcome relief to the Christmas frenzy

02 January 2012 TN 1 Year 4

Make it a New Forest Christmas

18 December 2011 TN 12 Year 3

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