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The Portuguese researchers don't want you use the extra virgin olive oil for cooking

In order to preserve the biophenols the heating time should be minimized. Not only, in opinion of Portuguese researchers is economically advantageous to use lower categories of olive oils for cooking


Organic milk less healthy than conventional one

Milk from organic farms has a lower concentration of elements like zinc, iodine and selenium than milk produced by conventional farming methods. The discrepancy is due to the absence of mineral substances in the diets of the cows reared

S. C.

Environment alert in US and Europe: pollution and intensifying agriculture kill

In EU the populations of grassland butterflies decline almost 50% over two decades. Pesticides commonly used in California's Central Valley have been found in frog species who live in State National Parks

R. T.

Deoleo for sale. The company' control costs just over € 200 million

A few years ago only the purchase of the Bertolli brand had cost as the entire present value of the company, valued by JP Morgan. At the English bank business have turned some Iberian members who want to sell 33% of the giant of olive oil

Alberto Grimelli

How the storytelling can add value to wines

Te use of a vineyard's storytelling helps to better understand the position of each vintage in a niche and luxury market. There is a link between the price level of the wine and the style of the corporate storytelling

R. T.

The evolution of the extra virgin in the bottle. Better glass, PVC or Pet?

Air, light and oxygen are the enemies of olive oil. The package can mitigate the degradation in natural reason of various factors, not only for the material

R. T.

The extra virgin olive oil is a natural product good for health

Used as a medicine by the ancient Egyptians, it is necessary to reveal the health potential and enhance it. Step by step, maybe while making interesting discoveries. Few people know that the oil there is a huge amount of micro-organisms

Alberto Grimelli

Health properties of olive leaves

They contain considerable amounts of various bioactive compounds, which could be extracted and utilized both in foodstuffs and in pharmaceutical industries

R. T.

World consumers love wine also for its health benefits

Two studies, in Australia, South Korea and Usa, indicate that wine preference is related to educational, health and lifestyle characteristics. $11–$19 was the preferred price range for both groups

Graziano Alderighi

An eco-friendly and low environmental impact wine. This is the future challange

The global GHG contribution of winemaking results at 153 kg CO2/tone and 235 kg CO2/tone for the vineyard and winery respectively

R. T.

The International Olive Council modifies the limits on many parameters, including alkyl esters

At its meeting on 27 May the IOC has faced since been pending since last November. Overcome the pitfalls of the most critical: waxes, campesterol, and alkyl esters


DNA can help assure authenticity of extra virgin olive oil

Help from misrepresents may be on the way in the form of laboratory assays developed by U.S. Department of Agriculture researchers. These tests add to the array of options for quality-control analyses of olive oil

S. C.

To preserve quality of grapes harvested by machines

Many negative effects of mechanical harvesting of grapes are attributed to damage and subsequent leakage of juice, often accentuated by high time between harvest and processing as well as high temperature

R. T.

The influence of filtration with cotton on the organoleptic characteristics of olive oil

A Croatian study evaluated the impact of the oldest filtration technique for the extra virgin with volatile compounds and color of two mono-varietal oils

R. T.

Italy and Spain are buying olive oil from Tunisia and Morocco

In the first three months of the new crop year - October-December 2012 - a 65,8% increase was observed in extra EU imports compared with the same period a season earlier

R. T.

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