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Scientific workshop on olive oil authentication

Next 10-11 June in Madrid the scientific workshop will focus on the evaluation of the quality parameters of edible olive oils as well as their authentication

S. C.

The flavor of foods involves taste, odor, touch and vision

The eyes have such a powerful role that they can trump the tongue and the nose. The human desire for novelty and new experiences also is a factor in the human tendency to ignore what the eyes may be tasting and listening to the tongue and nose

S. C.

2012 was the Annus Orribilis for global economic vitiviniculture

World wine production in 2012 is estimated at 250.9 Mhl, which is a very low level, particularly for the European Union, due to the reduction in vineyards and the poor weather conditions. In the same period wine exports reached a volume of more than 100 Mhl


Water status afflicts grape quality and wine phenolic composition

In semi-arid areas, which are rapidly expanding, check the relationship between alcohol, acidity but also anthocyanins, flavonols and polymeric pigments. Irrigation and thinning the key factors

R. T.

Everything you need to know on bitter in extra virgin

We must dispel some common myths, trying to give scientific rigor, perhaps through precise analysis, even the sensations. But our senses are elusive and complex

Alberto Grimelli

Spanish olive oil sector sink but continues to conquer emerging markets

Down trade within the EU grew by 119% while imports from Tunisia and Morocco. Well the American market with an 8% annual increase in imports

R. T.

High levels of carbon dioxide increase water efficence use of sorghum and winter wheat

Between 1958 and 2011 the carbon dioxide concentration has increased and higher carbon dioxide compensated for reductions in growth of winter wheat due to drought

S. C.

Butanol is the next generation of biofuel

Butanol has several advantages over ethanol, including a higher energy content that is closer to gasoline. Unlike ethanol, butanol can be used in cars directly, without mixing or altering the vehicle

Graziano Alderighi

Oxidative stress increases quality of tomatoes in organic farming

Tomato fruits from organic farming accumulate more nutritional compounds, such as phenolics and vitamin C as a consequence of the stressing conditions associated with farming system

S. C.

Biomass for perfume, cosmetic, personal-care products

The scientists transform plant “essential oils”, substances with the characteristic fragrance of the plant, into high-value ingredients

S. C.

Leaves of carob tree fight food-poisoning bacteria

Extracts of carob leaves proved effective in inhibiting the growth of Listeria bacteria. Carob may be best-known as a substitute for chocolate that does not contain caffeine or theobromine, which makes chocolate toxic to dogs

S. C.

What's happen wine during transport and storage?

The researchs of the Purdue University suggest that some wines were exposed to heat during transport that corresponded to an added bottle age between 1 and 18 months when compared with conventional cellar storage

S. C.

Wine market forecast to 2016: consumption expected to rise by over 2 billion

Global wine consumption is set to rise by 5.3% to 2016, according to the IWSR study for Vinexpo on the world wine market. By 2016, wine drinkers worldwide should be supping a staggering 34.481 billion bottles of wine


The growth of global organic agricultural practices and their impact on food security and the environment

Organic farming is now established in international standards, and 84 countries had implemented organic regulations by 2010, up from 74 countries in 2009

S. C.

Waste to taste: feeding the world's population in the next century

Through composting, vermiculture and high density vertical growing it is possible to grow 14 times more using 90% less water, energy and labor

S. C.

Flavor fluctuations caused by different microbes even in same vineyard

Researchers from South Afgrica discovered that small differences between vines, such as in temperature or sun exposure, could significantly alter the composition of the fungal community on grape surfaces

R. T.

Negative outlook for Italian and Spanish olive oil productions

In Spain, to find a more disappointing season, must go back to 2000. The data predictions in Italy attests production under 4,8 million tons, down 12% of last year

Graziano Alderighi

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