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Thermal conditioning of olive paste comes into the mill contributing to the increase in quality parameters of extra virgin olive oil

The Thermal Conditioning Module consists in a highly efficient tubular heat exchanger installed in the line after the crusher, able to bring down the olive paste temperature immediately before sending it to malaxer for gradual heating and consequent release of oil


Giacomo Costagli

World wine production in 2015 is at a good average

Global wine production is likely to reach 275.7 million hectolitres, a slight increase of 2% compared with 2014, according to the OIV's early estimates. Italy has again become the biggest producer in the world, followed by France

S. C.

Olive oil prevents induced colon carcinogenesis

Many studies have investigated factors that contribute to colon cancer in which dietary and environmental factors have been shown to play an integral role in the etiology of this disease

R. T.

Conventional, compost, organic production compared for strawberry

Compost, organic systems effectively reduce environmental, human health impacts. The scientists said that the report can be a guide for strawberry growers who want to improve soil management practices

S. C.

Scientists produce beneficial natural compounds in tomato

One tomato can produce the same quantity of Resveratrol as exists in 50 bottles of red wine, suggest researchers who have learned how to produce this compound naturally.

S. C.

Feed supplemented with byproducts from olive oil mill wastewater processing increases antioxidant capacity in broiler chickens

Broilers' feed supplemented with olive mill wastewater products reduced protein oxidation and lipid peroxidation in plasma and tissues

R. T.

Olive oil production: provisional data for 2014/15

According to official data, world production in 2015/16 is expected to lie at around 2.900.000 tonns, about 22% higher than in 2014/15

S. C.

Changes in squalene and sterols associated with olive maturation

Sterol content increased and its profile changed mainly from September to November. Early harvest in November has little impact on squalene and sterols in olive oil

R. T.

Forecasts for olive oil production in the campaign 2015/16

For the second year olive oil world production will be lower than the demand. Spain and Italy recovered but do not shine. Tunisia will face a campaign halved. Greek smiles. The forecast indicate possible tensions on prices

Alberto Grimelli, Marcello Scoccia

Olive oil consumption continues to increase

Good news from Japan. US imports remain stable after seeing decreases in March and April followed by increases in May and June. Imports by China likewise hold steady

S. C.

Sensory intensity assessment of olive oils using an electronic tongue

Extra virgin olive oil fruitiness, bitterness and pungency sensations evaluated by a sensory panel and then by electronic tongue. This instrument allows differentiating olive oils with different sensory intensities, and could be used as a preliminary, complementary and practical tool for panelists during olive oil sensory analysis

R. T.

How to increase wheat yield during drought in rainfed environments

Researchers investigated the use of film-forming antitranspirants, which are emulsions of wax or latex that reduce water loss through transpiration, by forming a thin film on foliage

S. C.

Italian olive oils need protection from mislabelling

Edmund Mach Foundation finds all the imported Tunisian olive oils were found to be of poor quality. IRMS and H-NMR are powerful techniques for verifying claims of origin

R. T.

The mycorrhizal fungi to decrease the amounts of fertilizers

While mycorrhizal fungi typically only grow on the roots of plants, recent bio-technological breakthroughs now allow scientists to produce massive quantities of the fungus that can be suspended in high concentrations in a gel for easy transportation

R. T.

How much health benefits for quality extra virgin olive oil

Phenolic content of extra virgin olive oil is essential to restore endothelial dysfunction. Olive oil compounds affect endothelial cell functions essential for angiogenesis. Hydroxytyrosol is useful against oxidative alterations induced by mercury in human erythrocytes

R. T.

International alert for the grapevine trunk diseases

Grapevine trunk diseases are considered the most destructive diseases of grapevine of the past three decades and are of rapidly growing concern in all wine producing countries. It is well accepted that almost the 20% of the vineyards are affected by these diseases around the world

R. T.

Vineyard natural habitats assist with butterfly comeback

Researchers found that vineyards that create nearby natural habitats have three times the number of butterfly species and four times more butterflies than conventional vineyards.

S. C.

The pollinator's decline could harm health of millions

Pollinators play a key role in roughly 35% of global food production and are directly responsible for up to 40% of the world’s supply of micronutrients such as vitamin A and folate

S. C.

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