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Synthesis of aroma compounds of virgin olive oil

Increasing the hydroperoxide lyase activity causes an increased synthesis of volatile compounds. The activity is rapidly inactivated during olive fruit milling

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Ultrasound decreased processing time of olive debittering

Power ultrasound efficacy was evaluated to accelerate NaOH-free olive debittering. No undesirable changes were observed in ultrasound-assisted debittered olives. Olives treated by ultrasound had higher antioxidant activity

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New Rules for for Sustainable Winegrowing Certification Program

Lodi’s sustainable winegrowing report quantifies the Lodi Rules™ for Sustainable Winegrowing program’s decade of growth, evolution, and – most importantly – grower adoption of sustainable winegrowing practices

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Argan and olive oils protect in a similar way, but olive oil more

Bioavailability of polyphenols and antioxidant capacity of argan oil is analyzed and compared with olive oil. Large proportions of polyphenols from argan oil are absorbed by intestinal cells

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Genetic and physiological bases of healthy attributes of grape and wine

Stilbene synthase is the key enzyme of the above pathway, and it produces resveratrol, the basic monomer which can be glycosylated, hydroxylated, methylated or converted into more complex compounds

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Novel pectin present in new olive mill wastewater

Pectin showed highest oil holding capacity and emulsifier activity than citrus pectin. Pectin showed high antioxidant activities, acts like antioxidant fiber.

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New agreement at the International Olive Council

During discussions the member countries agreed on the draft text which will serve as the basis for the negotiation of a successor agreement. The members of the Technical Committee also put forward proposals to the Council of Members, which agreed to leave the ethyl ester limit at 35 mg/kg for the 2015/16 crop yea

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The oenologist as creator of value

At its 55th National Congress held at Cap d’Agde on 5 June 2015, the Union of French Oenologists organised a discussion on the oenologist’s contribution to value creation

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Effects on olive fruit and oil after inoculation of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi

Olive fruits showed greater accumulation of hydroxytyrosol and p-hydroxybenzoic acid after mycorrhiza and calcite treated plants. Phenolics having hydrophilic structure were influenced more than those of lipophilic structure

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Cancer drug makes fruit flies live longer

Death still seems to be inevitable, but we now have evidence to suggest it is possible to develop pharmacological treatments to keep us healthier for longer

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"Jailbreaking" yeast could increase wine's health benefits

University of Illinois scientists have engineered a “jailbreaking” yeast that could greatly increase the health benefits of wine while reducing the toxic byproducts that cause your morning-after headache

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Potassium is an essential macronutrient for olive tree

The overall impact of potassium and sodium nutrition plays down any indirect effect on stomatal limitation and rather demonstrates the centrality of these elements in photochemical processes of photosynthesis and photoprotection in olive tree

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Olive oil imports increase in Russia, decrease in China

Russian imports of olive oil and olive pomace oil grew at a constant rate between 2000/01 and 2013/14. Aggregate imports into China recorded strong growth from 2001/02 until 2011/12 but in 2012/13 and 2013/14 imports decreased

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Global state of conditions report: wine developments and trends

Global wine consumption in 2014, estimated at 240 millions of hectolitres, dropped slightly by 2.4 millions of hectolitres compared with 2013, within an overall context of stabilisation since 2009

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How much salt to conserve table olives?

For treated olives the minimum sodium chloride (salt) content is 5.0% in both standards and for other types of olives it is even higher

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Analysis of mid infrared spectra for identification of olive oil defects

MIR combined with multivariate analysis to identify main defects in olive oil. Instrumental analysis distinguish extra virgin from lower quality olive oils

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Climate change may dramatically reduce wheat production

A recent study involving Kansas State University researchers finds that in the coming decades at least one-quarter of the world's wheat traded will be lost to extreme weather from climate change if no adaptive measures are taken


Gene may help reduce GM contamination

The researchers found a gene making a protein that naturally allows a small handful of plants to self-pollinate and make fruit before the flower opens

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