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How to purify olive mill wastewater?

Simultaneous removal of pollutant ions from model water simulating secondary treatment. Researchers used a combination of Dowex Marathon-C + Amberlite IRA-67 resins

R. T.

The outlook of the olive oil production in the Mediterranean basin

A bad harvest year in Spain and Italy, instead Greece and Tunisia celebrate record harvests. It will be a difficult campaign, not only for the quality, but also for the amount of olive oil. The global demand may exceed supply


Alberto Grimelli, Marcello Scoccia

Alcohol sensations is influenced by genes

People may differ in the sensations they experience from a food or beverage, and these perceptual differences have a biological basis. Normally, sweet and bitter sensations suppress each other, so in foods and beverages, genetic differences in bitter perception can also influence perceived sweetness

R. T.

Against pathogenic contamination seeds are colonized by benefical microbes

The symbiotic bacteria help the plants extract nutrients and defend against invaders – an important step in preventing pathogens from contaminating fruits and vegetables

S. C.

The Italian way for olive oil traceability

The extracted DNA is stable overtime and amenable for molecular analyses but there is also the possibility of using the chromatographic fingerprint of the phenolic fraction of extra virgin olive oils coupled to chemometric classification techniques

R. T.

New olive oil quality standards to be introduced in California

The standards, which are based on scientific research at the UC Davis Olive Center, are unique to California production will establish a more stringent limit for free fatty acids, a negative attribute that signals a breakdown of olive oil quality due to exposure to heat, light and oxygen

S. C.

Extra virgin olive oil against arthritis

The scientific results support the interest of natural diet components in the development of therapeutic products for arthritic conditions

R. T.

The real quality of the aromatized olive oils

Diverse flavoured olive oils were compared for composition. Differentiated effects were observed and corroborated by chemometrics but garlic and oregano decreased the formation of primary oxidation products.


R. T.

Counterfeiting in the wine sector, growing phenomenon but without statistical

The report comes from France with a voluminous paper prepared by Eric Przyswa. The real risk for the future is represented by China, where today 25% are counterfeit bottles of high-end European


Graziano Alderighi

In dry soil and hight temperatures the organisms react more sensitive to marketable pesticides

Dry soil and at enhanced temperatures: both conditions may occur more often in the future due to climate change. Singularly and combined these factors lower the toxicity threshold of fungicides for springtails

S. C.

Characterization of antioxidant enzymes and peroxisomes of olive fruits

In olive fruit tissue the presence of a battery of antioxidant enzymes was demonstrated, including catalase, four superoxide dismutase isozymes

R. T.

Prions can trigger stuck wine fermentations

A chronic problem in winemaking is “stuck fermentation,” when yeast that should be busily converting grape sugar into alcohol and carbon dioxide prematurely shuts down, leaving the remaining sugar to instead be consumed by bacteria that can spoil the wine


Wine only protects against cardiovascular disease in people who exercise

Some retrospective studies have found that wine increases levels of HDL, the "good" cholesterol. But until now there has been no long-term, prospective, randomised study comparing the effects of red and white wine on HDL cholesterol and other markers of atherosclerosis

R. T.

Many of the world’s most important crop-producing countries will be fully saturated with pests

The study identifies the pests likely to be the most invasive in coming years, including: three species of tropical root knot nematode; Blumeria graminis, a fungus that causes powdery mildew on wheat and other cereals; and the Citrus tristeza virus

R. T.

Phenolic bioaccesibility and bioavailability rises in olive oil and thyme extracts

In vitro bioaccessibilty of hydroxytyrosol increases in presence of thyme. Olive and thyme co-exposure in Caco-2 led to higher bioavailability of eriodictyol and naringenin

R. T.

French wines and spirits contaminated by phthalates, according British research

The scientists reveal that the packaging of these drinks may be just as damaging. The use of phthalates is regulated on an international level and includes those likely to come into contact with food and drink packaging


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