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Really so scandalous and sublime the olive oil world?

In a period of global communication, also a little local news could have enormous commercial impacts. A book also more. Could the consumers be educated by scandals?

Alberto Grimelli

Bitter, spicy and hot. Perception depends on these molecules

Could the organoleptic exam for commercial classification be replaced by chemical analysis? Only one step is missing, the correlation with flavor intensity

Alberto Grimelli

The battle between Australia and the International Oil Council

The standards of the Australian olive oils confuse the consumers and hamper commerce. The IOC seeks for the help of Codex alimentarius and WHO to isolate Australia

R. T.

Outlook on olive oil production in Mediterranean area

Good performance in all countries, in particular in Tunisia and Turkey. The passing of the demand for olive oil supply will be probably a remember of the past campaign

Alberto Grimelli, Marcello Scoccia

The cold and extreme climate olive culturing

Reportage from Piedmont, in the North of Italy. This is not a peripheral region of the oil world; people from there are working for a solid future of their oil production. They also have a Consortium for the regulation of their production procedures. We can expect great things from them

Luigi Caricato

Gray future for the Spain of oil

The summer ended with a series of negative records that shade long shadows on the imminent oil season


Glass, PET, tin plate or stainless steel?

A lot of materials can be used to package extra virgin olive, but these have different proprerties. More options has ever, but glass is still the best, despite its fragility

Graziano Alderighi

Sensorial analysis of table olives: where are we?

The International Oil Council has defined guidelines to evaluate not only olive oil, but also table olives, through sensorial analysis. Andrea Giomo describes the newly introduced innovative methodologies as part of a regulatory framework

Andrea Giomo

Fake made in Italy oils under screening by Iasma

An agreement to identify the fake Italian extra virgin oils on the shelves has been approved. It will help in directing the inspections. Why not using the panels as well?

Alberto Grimelli

An ID for each oil, to defend origin and genuineness

Starting with the study of oil behavior under thermal variations, all the necessary knowledge on “differential calorimetry”: an important technique to verify the different behavior of different oil. The purpose? To identify possible frauds

Alissa Mattei

Turkey plunges into the Olive Oil

Turkey aims at the leadership in the Middle East and at becoming the second world producer of Olive oil after Spain. Here are the plans of the Turkish Oil Council

R. T.

New oil during the summer

The last 17th of June Cryo Oil was presented in Italy, a frozen extra virgin olive oil, born from an idea of Donato Creti. A group of oil producers from Tuscany agreed on the production rules

S. C.

Greece fights against the adulterated oil

This is how Greece reacted against a scandal that could make a terrible damage to the image of the Greek oil in the strategic American market

Graziano Alderighi

Olive oil world celebrates second-best harvest ever

In the last IOC market newsletter the data and the trends of 2010/11. In 20 years production climbed: +112%


Beauty and goodness of olive oils

A six millennium long history, but extra virgin olive oil is only 50 years old, as it was established in Italy in 1960. Nicola Pantaleo, heir to a family of oil entrepreneurs, recalls the out of time fashion of oil

Nicola Pantaleo

Celebration of the Union olive-oil at the fifth edition of Olio Capitale

Great success of public and good business for the exhibitors of the oil event which is undisputed leader in Italy once again, also thanks to its trendiness. In Trieste the “Manifesto for the resurgence of Italian Oil” was launched


The winners and the finalists of the Olio Capitale Contest

The winners are two organic extra virgin oils from Sicily and one organic oil from Tuscany. A Spanish farm from Jean obtained the highest ranks from the consumer and the restaurateur panels. It is worth think about these results


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