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Effects of water stress during olive tree flowering

Stress during winter dormancy produced no lasting effect and the plants recovered rapidly but during spring the effects are different

Alberto Grimelli

A Manifesto for the resurgence of Italian oil

The resurgence of olive oil industry has to go through a revolution to define universal principles to defend olives and oil. Teatro Naturale has proposed them in a document presented at Olio Capitale in Trieste


Olive oil competitions, useful if there is seriousness and transparency

There are more and more but we knows less and less. In this context, the fundamental asset is credibility. The critical points of a bubble at risk

Duccio Morozzo della Rocca

The phyto-therapeutic oil par excellence? It is not yet in Farmacopea

For extra virgin olive oils there is a gap between food quality and medical quality. Tullia Gallina Toschi thinks this gap should be filled as soon as possible, by referring to the updated European norm for quality and genuineness criteria

Tullia Gallina Toschi

Extra virgin olive oil, half century celebrations

The olive oil industry sets sights on the future. After celebrating in Milan, Italy, the 50 years of “extra virgin olive oil” category, the goal is now to give back value to a food defined “functional food” by all

Maria Carla Squeo

Regulations for Olio Capitale Competition

On the occasion of the “Olio Capitale” Expo, scheduled for 18-21 March 2011, is instituting the 5th edition of the “Olio Capitale” Competition for typical and quality extra-virgin olive oils produced in the Mediterranean area


World olive oil production in decline

Great turning point in the industry: this year the production was lower than the consumption, 2.95 to 2.98 million tons


Great expectations for the fifth edition of “Olio Capitale”. Ready to go!

The meeting will be in Trieste, from March 18th till 21st. The organization is ready for the presentation of typical and high quality extra virgin olive oils. According to Antonio Paoletti, the key for the oil industry to be a winner in fairs is to run alone


The olive culture of tomorrow: expropriation or return to productivity

Maintaining olive trees in such conditions is anti-democratic. It is necessary to reassess the productive role in olive culture without hiding behind the rural landscape. The thought of the President of Georgofili Academy, prof. Franco Scaramuzzi, between tradition and innovation

Alberto Grimelli

Happy birthday Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The commercial definition for the juice of olives born officialy in Italy, by law, 13 november 1960. Teatro Naturale celebrated this anniversay with a big party


Alkyl-esters are not a solution but another small step

The EU rule draft is ready. For someone it is the solution to defeat the deodorized. True or false? Here is the truth thanks to the contribution of experts from the Italian Society of Fatty Substances

Alberto Grimelli

Peru vs. the oil of Spain

The increase of import of Spanish oil in Peru is staking that country investments and can bring to the closure of many oil plants

S. C.

Experts of International Olive Council against the UC Davis Olive Center

The study used non-official methods and in opinion of IOC Chemistry Expert Group, with scientists from every part of the word, the conclusions of U.S. laboratory are false


Olive oil balances and future plans of International Olive Council

Great turning point in world olive-growing sector. It 'got the year of passing: 2.95 million tonnes of production, consumption 2.98 million tons

S. C.

The waxes in the olive oil: genetic and environmental factors

An Australian research shows which are the factors that influence the presence of waxes in the extra virgin olive oils. Then, we discover that the differences can be noteworthy

R. T.

Soda in the treatment of table olives

Directions for use. With some useful advice on the debittering process from the expert Mario De Angelis

Mario De Angelis

The words of oil: a strategic lever for marketing

It is impossible to limit the use of words from the top otherwise even the most suggestive words would lose their effect and their communicative power. At the same time, it is necessary to create a consortium to verify the reliability and the precision of the employed words

Luigi Caricato

Olive emergency situations: to learn from Syrian experience

The techniques developed in Syria to cope the rising temperatures and water shortages may be useful in different drought Countries. Keith Richmond tells us some details on types of farming, pruning and fertilizing with natural limestone powder

Keith Richmond

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