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The outlook on olive oil production in Mediterranean region

As usual at this time we offer a glimpse of the next olive oil campaign, a forecast much more nuanced and complex than other years

Alberto Grimelli, Marcello Scoccia

Australia and the Canary Islands. The olive oil production has two faces

Struggling with drought, the end of the facilities and the prices very low ride Australia has stopped, perhaps forever. Planting trees in the Canary Islands and looks to recipes


Turmoil in the oil industry. Morocco bursts onto the scene

Hefty investments in a dynamic country, ready to conquer a relevant place on the international market. After a first-rate event in Meknès, we interviewed Noureddine Ouazzani, director of Agro-pole Olivier

Luigi Caricato

What is going on in the world of the oil processing plants? The trends in the crisis era

While the big producers want bigger olive presses for shorter seasons, the small ones prefer small plants to face the market that tends to strong price reductions

Duccio Morozzo della Rocca

Feeding olive trees rationally, saving time and money

All nutritional elements are essential, but in different quantity to satisfy the needs of plants. It is therefore necessary to know “how much” but also “when”. Some suggestions by Prof. Luca Sebastiani from Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna

Alberto Grimelli

Extra virgin Italian oil in India, but carefully

Not a competition with the Indian culinary traditions but the discovery of a new kind of food through a three year promotional campaign

S. C.

A portrait of Italian olive oil world by Istat

The structure and solidity of the area, the contribution and potential of extra virgin olive oils with original denomination. Useful data to understand the production in Italy

Mario Adua

The market needs to be fast. Banned the olive oil tasters

The presence of organoleptic defects will be assessed by routine chemical analyses. This is the future, but probably the professional tasters will not disappear since the assessing of harmony, equilibrium and pleasantness cannot be left to cold sensors

Alberto Grimelli

Frauds and sophistications of olive oils, a road with plenty of obstacles. Never surrender

The road is bumpy, but the chemists who are active in the quality control have always done a great job. Many analytical methods are used in the whole world nowadays, and the whole industry benefits from that. More should be probably done. Professor Lanfranco Conte shares his views on the current state-of-the-art

Lanfranco Conte

Nobody was born an expert. The ABCs of extra virgin olive oil

Proper use of extra virgin olive oil, as condiment and during cooking, is crucial. Suggestions on the choice, the preservation of the quality, the risk of deterioration, the correct use and more

Luigi Caricato

Extra virgin pitted olive oil. How to judge them?

Are they worth producing? What is the state-of-the-art technology to obtain them? We listened to the opinion of Natale Frega, who was one of the first to work them. Now everything is easier. Several studies are now dealing with this product which is calling the attention of consumers more and more

L. C.

The scientific truth on cooking with extra virgin olive oil

Which is the “ideal” cooking oil? Many factors determine it, but it is not about the best solution. A study by Lorenzo Cerretani, Giovanni Lercker and Tullia Gallina Toschi sheds finally light on old and unresolved prejudices

Lorenzo Cerretani, Giovanni Lercker, Tullia Gallina Toschi

Olive culture and environment: an economic challenge

A sustainable olive grove produces more than a traditional one, with a comparable quality. If the government introduced the registers for carbon credits in agriculture too...

Alberto Grimelli

Continuous harvest of olives, field tests in Italy

Cutting down production costs using high olivepicker machine and native cultivars. Not only super-intensive harvest: trends and tendencies of the evolution of traditional harvest machines, from facilitators to trunk shakers

Alberto Grimelli

How long should olives be conserved before pressing them?

Hours? Days? The answer is apparently simple: as short a time as possible. Some factors can affect the ageing of the fruits

Alberto Grimelli

Typicalness of olive oils: an eco-physiological key is needed

The sensorial profile of Italian extra virgin oil has a clear mark, due to the bio-phenolic component present in the olive. The different vegetal features (herbal, tomato, artichoke, balsamic herbs, almond) are affected by the volatile molecule compounds

Carlotta Baltini Roversi

The sensorial analysis of table olives

There is no official method for olives tasting. Still, Coi (International Olive Council), published a draft upon which an accurate and relevant sensorial analysis can be achieved. In the meanwhile, we are still waiting for an official method

Luigi Caricato

Industrial olive-press: is it the right and more adequate solution?

What is better? To press olives on their own or have somebody else doing that? The dilemma affects the choices of many, and the answer is not easy. Here is what you ought to know about the machinery, the analysis of costs, the authorization, the personnel, and more

Duccio Morozzo della Rocca

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