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The new Sos buries the “Proyecto Tierra”

What was Salazar brothers’ pride, and the way of promoting the super-intensive in the world, was officially rejected by the new board of directors “because its development is not a priority in this moment”

Ernesto Vania

In Japan all people is mad for the extra virgin olive oil

The innate curiosity of the Japanese people can be considered as a mania. They know everything: origin place, sensorial profile and olive varieties…

L. C.

And now we know the olive oil genes. The perfect bouquet is coming

Let’s rejoice for a primacy of Italy: the decoding of tens of thousands genes, mainly involved in the inolition process and in the creation of olive oil minor components


More olive oil for all. The next harvest will be generous

Report by “Teatro Naturale” about the oil harvest in the Mediterranean
Increasing production everywhere, but stocks from last season still large

Alberto Grimelli, Luigi Caricato, Marcello Scoccia

There is no technical limitation to the complete mechanization of the olive grove

All the attention is paid to the pruning and to the harvesting but in some areas also a simple treatment can be a problem. Moreover, mechanization does not always mean saving

Alberto Grimelli

Is an extra virgin olive oil labelled as organic good on the palate?

The oleologist Marcello Scoccia surely had no hesitations in expressing his views: “Once it may have been possible to find differeces at organoleptic levels, with respect to conventional olive oil. No longer today”

Luigi Caricato

New technologies for the filtration of olive oil

This practice is being adopted by all factories, even the smaller ones. It is not useful to preserve extra virgin oil in nitrogen if sludges are not cleaned first. Strategies for a long shelf life

Alberto Grimelli

Olive growing and production in arid conditions

In a lot of countries, the most important production factor is plantation density. Interesting the possibility to develop a deficit irrigation model to save water

R. T.

Irrigation and oil accumulation (inolition): the two sides of the same coin

The diminution of rains and the raise in temperature present issues for the yield of oil from the fruit. There is still remedy


How to choose among the hundreds of oil varieties?

Numbers and characteristics of a huge genetic heritage which has to be known in order to characterize and differentiate one’s own extra virgin oil

Alberto Grimelli

Malaxation temperature for extra virgin olive oil

27 degrees cannot be an absolute parameter of quality. Defining a working temperature range is more correct, from a scientific point of view. Here is why

Alberto Grimelli

Are the shelves full of deodorized oils? Read here how to flush fake extra virgin olive oils out

It is one of the most striking and treacherous frauds. Alissa Mattei suggests what we can found in different oils

Alissa Mattei

Some water in olive oil is not absolute evil

Yes, extra virgin olive oil contains some water, whose role is important in helping solving the more polar anti-oxidants and supporting their action. With Lercker’s and Cerretani’s help, let’s follow the way from olive to bottled olive oil

Lorenzo Cerretani

The pruning of the olive tree: instructions for use

The pruning represents a difficult and expensive agronomic practice. It can weigh up to the 30% on production costs. Still, it is an unrenounceable operation. The advice of Prof. Gucci, University of Pisa

Alberto Grimelli

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