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Don't cook with olive oil!

A suggest that comes from a British research, readily taken up by the tabloids. Extra virgin only for salads and for cooking? "Fry as do the Chinese, with olive oil and water"

Antonio G. Lauro

Olive fruit fly adult response to attract-and-kill bait stations

Olive fruit fly mortality was higher on bait stations than sprayed olive foliage. Attract-and-kill stations can reduce orchard sprays for olive fruit fly control

R. T.

Discrimination and identification of geographical origin virgin olive oil

The results of a Moroccan study provide promising perspectives for the use of a low-cost and rapid system for the verification of geographical origin of the olive oils based on their volatile profile

R. T.

Why so much commercial difficulties in the United States for extra virgin olive oil?

The good news that emerged during the Fancy Food Show is that there are increases in “non-traditional” areas for olive oil with non-whites, and those living in the Midwest and South


The interaction between plastic food packaging and olive oil

The science results showed a gradual loss of quality during storage, especially in plastic or glass bottles. What's the interaction of polypropylene and polylactide packaging with olive oil? How much olive oil was sorbed into the packaging material?

R. T.

Use of de-oiled pomace as a tool for weed control in olive orchards.

Five methods of weed control have been compared in a two-year experimental orchard at the Bari University

R. T.

Andalusia asks to be protected by Unesco

The Spaniards are hoping to celebrate the Unesco recognition in occasion of Expo2015. Meanwhile Deoleo open to U.S. requests: green light to a review of the commercial categories of olive oil


The quality of the extra virgin olive oil is the secret in the prevention of bladder cancer

The extra virgin olive oil polyphenols suppress the invasive capacity of bladder cancer cells through the modulation of matrix metalloproteinases.  Only an extra virgin young people of high quality, local produced and stored with care preservse maximum biological characteristics and the potential nutraceutical effects



A super extra virgin olive oil for California

A continue discussing at Coi to lower the limits of some chemical parameters, the first of acidity. In Italy High Quality is still at stake. So the United States wants to launch a new commercial classification, and introducing new limits and parameters


Olive–pomace oil can be used for biodiesel production

Olive–pomace oil from steam-treated alperujo was successfully converted to biodiesel. The highest conversion for the alkali-catalyzed transesterification reached 95%

R. T.

New figures about olive oil production and market in latest months

Olive oil production in 2013/14 is expected to be 28% higher than in 2012/13, chiefly because of higher production in the EU producing countries as a whole. The first six months of the 2013/14 crop year, trade in olive oil and olive pomace oil decreased overall by 7.7% in seven big countries


What are the effects of Kaolin on olive trees and olive oil?

Kaolin efficacy depends on environmental conditions and morphological characteristics of the cultivar. Kaolin changed fatty acid composition and improved oil oxidative stability. The peroxide and iodine values were decreased

R. T.

Decolouration in virgin olive oil is so natural?

Chlorophyll pigment fraction was thermally more stable than carotenoid pigment fraction. Differences between the oily matrices did not affect the reaction mechanisms

R. T.

A tsunami at IOC. The Turkey battle for the quality of olive oil

The new chair of the International Olive Oil Council is very active since the early days of his inauguration, including confrontations with the Executive Director Barjol and a proposal shock: the abolition of the category "olive oil"


Amount and quality of olive pollen grains was significantly higher in the ‘off’ year with respect to the ‘on’ one

Pollen grains per anther were always negatively correlated with germination. Fluorescein diacetate and germination were significantly correlated. Differences were detected among the cultivars for pollen amount and viability

R. T.

Olive oil in cosmetics? What story is this?

The advertising is pretending to forget even the Odyssey of Homer. the first archaeological evidence of cosmetics in ancient times was the discovery of vials that contained a mix of lead and olive oil in Egyptian tombs , dated around 5000 BC. The ancients knew a lot, realizing the countless dermal properties of the olive oil. Do you know that thing with the Graces sprinkled the body of Aphrodite ?

OpusFirst , Diana Malcangi

Extra virgin olive oil could protect from exposure to hexavalent chromium

Researchers recommend that regular consumption of this oil in the diet provides a constant supply of potential antioxidants that could reduce alterations

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