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Stakeholders congregate in Croatia for the 43rd meeting of the IOC Advisory Committee

Representatives of stakeholders from every branch of the olive and olive oil sector – producers, processors, marketers and consumers – recently convened to discuss a slate of issues on the agenda at the 43rd meeting of the IOC Advisory Committee on Olive Oil and Table Olives

S. C.

The application of compost of olive mill waste could increase olive oil content

The effects of compost addition on soil characteristics, crop yield and nutritional status and also the quality of the olive oil were evaluated at the end of the experiment and compared to a control treated only with mineral fertilization

R. T.

Extra virgin olive oil could protect food during cooking

The extra-virgin Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) olive oil was characterized by reduced levels of oxidation and hydrolysis, and superior amounts of minor antioxidant compounds. The chemical composition of olive oils are important parameters in their predictive behavior along the frying process, but mostly that olive oil is clearly resistant to frying conditions


S. C.

Why China stops to buy extra virgin olive oil?

Olive oil world production is assessed at around 3.150.000 tonns, according IOC forecast, and ending stocks are expected to be more than 480.000 tonns


S. C.

Artificial DNA to protect against frauds in the extra virgin sector?

While traceability through isotope analysis seems to be going fast towards the formalization, another proposal to defend the olive oil: insert DNA nanoparticles in the bottle. The cost? 0.02 cents per liter

Graziano Alderighi

Utilizing solar energy for the purification of olive mill wastewater using a photocatalytic reactor

The overall cost of solar Fenton oxidation for the treatment of 50 m3 of olive mill wastewater per day was estimated to be 2.11 € m-3

S. C.

The arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus could help olive trees to grow

Osmotic stress caused by NaCl supply reduced stem diameter, number of shoots, shoot length and nutrients in olive plants, but fungus colonization alleviated all of these negative effects on growth

S. C.

More production in Africa, less olive oil in the Middle Eas due climate change

Climate warming will affect olive yield and fly infestation levels across the Mediterranean Basin, resulting in economic winners and losers at the local and regional scales

R. T.

The nitrogen uptake efficiency in olive trees

Annual applications of large amounts of fertilizer nitrogen may cause nitrogen over-fertilization and negative effects in both the plant and the environment

R. T.

Table olives are not all the same. It is not just the variety to make a difference

The loss, even percentage, of sugars, phenols and flavonoids is not equal for all cultivars. To influence the final organoleptic characteristics may be, however, also the bacteria involved in the fermentation. In Italy dominates the Lactobacillus pentosus

S. C.

The development of a powdered olive oil and market study aiming at its commercialization

The molecular gastronomy is a science that is increasingly expanding, allowing the transformation of traditional food products into innovative products, thereby raising their sensory characteristics, appreciated by the population

R. T.

Extra virgin olive oil have different profiles if produced by two-phase vs three-phase centrifugal decanters

Olive oils extracted by two-phase contained more total phenolics, OH-tyrosol and tyrosol and also more volatile compounds and more C5-C6 alcohols & aldehydes

R. T.

Olive oil: when temperatures raise, oleic acid concentration falls

The response of olive to temperature is different than that of oilseed crops. Fruit weight decreased when average temperature exceeded 25°C

R. T.

Import/export and production of olive oil in Spain, Italy and Greece

In 2012/13 Italy exported a total of 392000 t, which shows a drop of 5% versus the season before. Spain has exported 728621 tonn down by 25% on the previous crop year

S. C.

Tunisia wants Italian Coratina olive cultivar for excellent olive oil quality

This variety is known for its goodquality and richness in antioxidants such as polyphenols and tocopherols. The biological activities of olive oil phenolic compounds have prompted several studies on their potential activity in the prevention of cardiovascular diseases and cancer

R. T.

Why should Americans buy premier Italian olive oil?

According to the author of the book Extra Virginity: "the great oils of Italy are, to paraphrase Lévy-Strauss, not just good to eat, but also good to think." Artisanal Italian oil-makers interpret their olives in unique ways

Tom Mueller

Lawsonia inermis leaves extract against olive knot and crown gall diseases

Lawsonia inermis showed a strong antibacterial activity against Pseudomonas savastanoi and Agrobacterium tumefaciens. In vivo, the ethyl acetate fraction inhibited the formation of knots on twigs of olive and tomato plants

R. T.

Olive oil mills in Spain think to health and safety management

There are very few publications on occupational health and safety in the sector, and there are even less on the managerial issues concerned. Management policies fail to meet some important requirements adequately, such as those concerning noise exposure risk, and emergency measures

R. T.

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