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Health benefits of extra virgin olive oil grow every day

Results of the Catania University study support the view that extra-virgin olive oil can improve the adaptive response of the body in conditions of oxidative stress. For University of Seville extra virgin has demonstrated immunomodulatory and antiinflammatory properties in murine experimental ulcerative colitis


Foliar application of zinc and boron leads to an increase of the percentage of the olive oil

In a study of the University of Ahvaz the effects of zinc and boron foliar application on soluble carbohydrate and oil contents of three olive cultivars during fruit ripening

R. T.

How to solve deodorization frauds in extra virgin olive oil? The EU reply will be soon

Good news for the scientific research, in Europe, to counteract the fraudolent activities in the world of the extra virgin olive oil. A workshop in Madrid has outlined the challenges and the urgent needs

Tullia Gallina Toschi

A tour through the olive groves of Papa Francesco

Exclusively for the readers of Teatro Naturale International a tour of the Pontifical Villas of Castel Gandolfo and the Vatican farm. The Agronomist Vincenzo Scaccioni guide us in the estate and explain how did the extra virgin served at the table of Bergoglio. "On the trees, unfortunately - said Scaccioni - the man has often sparked his own ignorance." Two olive trees of the Pontifical Villas have a special meaning

Lucy Vivante

The vitivinicultural world has returned to 2006 levels but consumption is stabilising

Spain has recorded a high level of wine production this year, of 40 Mhl. With 45 Mhl, Italy has produced 2% more than in 2012. An increase of 7% in France. Development in the United States, and record production in Chile and New Zealand


How to use decanter during extraction of olive oil

Optimization of oil/water levels and differential speed. On-line measurable parameters allow decanter centrifuge optimal tuning in real time. Control of the olive paste mass flow rate fed to a decanter centrifuge is mandatory

R. T.

More phenols but less organoleptic complexity

When, through technology, we look for the maximum extraction of polyphenols, the result is a lower impact of herbaceous and vegetal components, which are not perceived by tasters and consumers

R. T.

How much frauds in olive oil sector in Spain?

Official Control is regulated by the Spanish Royal Decree 1945/1983 of 22 June. The inspection services of the Regional Governments, in 2012 there were a total of 770 inspections of which approximately 23% were non compliant

Juan Ramón Izquierdo

The forecast for the next olive oil campaign are positive for Italy and Spain

All the Iberian Peninsula will back to more usual levels of production. Good outlook also for Italia, in particular in Centre and North. The quotation will degree in coming weeks, also if the stock level is the lowest fro many years

Alberto Grimelli, Marcello Scoccia

How to discover soft deodorised olive oil?

To blend deodorised olive oil in virgin olive oil is a fraud for global standards and rules but it's difficult to find it. Reseachers partecipate do a workshop in Madrid to discuss the problem

R. T.

USITC report highlights central role of IOC in olive oil world

The IOC largely agrees with the market data reported, which are mostly drawn from the IOC balances

S. C.

How much cost to produce extra virgin olive oil in Spain?

In this study, the Ministry of Agriculture distinguishes between three types of olives to set production costs: not machinable rainfed olive grove, rainfed olive machinable and extensive irrigation

R. T.

Flash thermal conditioning of olive pastes before malaxation: innovation for best quality

The application of this technology, performed by Alfa Laval, produces significant differences in comparison to the crushed pastes. The virgin olive oil flash thermal conditioning featured a higher concentration of volatile compounds

R. T.

The Portuguese researchers don't want you use the extra virgin olive oil for cooking

In order to preserve the biophenols the heating time should be minimized. Not only, in opinion of Portuguese researchers is economically advantageous to use lower categories of olive oils for cooking


Deoleo for sale. The company' control costs just over € 200 million

A few years ago only the purchase of the Bertolli brand had cost as the entire present value of the company, valued by JP Morgan. At the English bank business have turned some Iberian members who want to sell 33% of the giant of olive oil

Alberto Grimelli

The evolution of the extra virgin in the bottle. Better glass, PVC or Pet?

Air, light and oxygen are the enemies of olive oil. The package can mitigate the degradation in natural reason of various factors, not only for the material

R. T.

The extra virgin olive oil is a natural product good for health

Used as a medicine by the ancient Egyptians, it is necessary to reveal the health potential and enhance it. Step by step, maybe while making interesting discoveries. Few people know that the oil there is a huge amount of micro-organisms

Alberto Grimelli

Health properties of olive leaves

They contain considerable amounts of various bioactive compounds, which could be extracted and utilized both in foodstuffs and in pharmaceutical industries

R. T.

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