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The International Olive Council modifies the limits on many parameters, including alkyl esters

At its meeting on 27 May the IOC has faced since been pending since last November. Overcome the pitfalls of the most critical: waxes, campesterol, and alkyl esters


DNA can help assure authenticity of extra virgin olive oil

Help from misrepresents may be on the way in the form of laboratory assays developed by U.S. Department of Agriculture researchers. These tests add to the array of options for quality-control analyses of olive oil

S. C.

The influence of filtration with cotton on the organoleptic characteristics of olive oil

A Croatian study evaluated the impact of the oldest filtration technique for the extra virgin with volatile compounds and color of two mono-varietal oils

R. T.

Italy and Spain are buying olive oil from Tunisia and Morocco

In the first three months of the new crop year - October-December 2012 - a 65,8% increase was observed in extra EU imports compared with the same period a season earlier

R. T.

Scientific workshop on olive oil authentication

Next 10-11 June in Madrid the scientific workshop will focus on the evaluation of the quality parameters of edible olive oils as well as their authentication

S. C.

Everything you need to know on bitter in extra virgin

We must dispel some common myths, trying to give scientific rigor, perhaps through precise analysis, even the sensations. But our senses are elusive and complex

Alberto Grimelli

Spanish olive oil sector sink but continues to conquer emerging markets

Down trade within the EU grew by 119% while imports from Tunisia and Morocco. Well the American market with an 8% annual increase in imports

R. T.

Negative outlook for Italian and Spanish olive oil productions

In Spain, to find a more disappointing season, must go back to 2000. The data predictions in Italy attests production under 4,8 million tons, down 12% of last year

Graziano Alderighi

The extra virgin olive oil will contribute to sales of seed oils

The olive oil is renowned for its healthy virtues. Underway to exploit these features in order to increase the added value of palm oil and soybean oil

Ernesto Vania

Is the nose better then the lab?

Is it right to give a prominence to sensorial analysis over analytic and chemo-physic lab tests? We asked this question to some expert Italian tasters

L. C.

A new perspective on the sensorial analysis of oil. A social path to tasting

Things must change. A modification in the technical courses for olive oil tasters is necessary. In the last year, the new course organized in Italy by the Onaoo introduced a sociology-based approach

Carlotta Pasetto

A wine style model for the launch of the Argentinean extra virgin olive oil

Repeating a winning experience, based on marketing and quality, is the key to organize and plan the short and long term development of the olive oil industry

Ernesto Vania

The professionals of olive oil

There are many and diverse professions connected to the product that is conquering the world. Nowadays olive oil is no longer an ethnic food of the Mediterranean area, but became an intercultural product that charms everybody

Maria Carla Squeo

All olive oil grades are "simply" the best for deep frying and more

The olive oil currently available is not enough for a "global" consumption
but the production is also on increase in new Countries. If the knowledge
about it increases, should increase the world consumption too. An analysis of Massimo Occhinegro

Massimo Occhinegro

A job for future: olive oil sommelier and panel supervisor

After the success of Armonia in the Kitchen in Italy and Australia, Olive Oil Academy in collaboration with Alma, The International School of Italian Cuisine, present two courses

R. T.

DNA analysis and an innovative labeling process. The future of Italian olive oil is here

Scientific research makes steady progress and, through these, you can also propose new models of traceability, useful to provide assurances to consumers on the origin and composition information

Marilena Ceccarelli, Luciana Baldoni

Correct management of nitrogen and other olive nutrients

Fertirrigation requires timely interventions and the right doses. Fertilization formulas vary during the season. Attention should be paid to the residual fertility too. An excess affects oil quality

Alberto Grimelli

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