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Olive oil production outlook: Spain mourns, Italy does not laugh

It will be a year of discharge, especially in Spain where you do not exceed one million tonnes. Italy suffers from frost and drought but held. Stocks could be reduced to zero and the prices are expected to rise

Alberto Grimelli, Marcello Scoccia

US brands offer significantly better quality than well-recognized European brands

Rabobank predicts the U.S. olive oil industry will likely gain a 5 percent share of the American olive oil market in the next five years

Ernesto Vania

The quality of olive oil depends on the aroma

What determines the quality of an olive oil? Who is able to evaluate it? First of all it doesn’t simply depend on its fatty component. How is the sensorial profile made? What about the hedonistic component?

Luigi Caricato

The European Union planned to boost olive oil industry

During the meeting, attended, aside from Italy, Portugal, Spain, Slovenia, France, Romania, Greece and Cyprus, the recent difficult market situation affecting the sector was examined

Alberto Grimelli

No mercy for the olive trees. The complaint of Italian science

Do you have in mind all the words about saving Italian science? They are just words, indeed. What happened in the experimental field of the Tuscia University is incredible. According to professor Eddo Rugini the decline of Italian science is determined. First a big research project is funded, and then the results are trashed. It was enough the word of Mario Capanna to halt the ministers Mario Catania ad Corrado Clini

Luigi Caricato

Oil: the raw and the cooked

The oleologist Luigi Caricato and the chef Giuseppe Capano just released a useful and handy book about matching oil and food. A rich recipe book gives a lot of practical examples of matching the proper oil to different foods, from appetizers to deserts

Maria Carla Squeo

Current olive oil prices went back to May–June 2009 levels

According to the data by IOC, production in 2011/12 looks poised
to be 302.000 tonn higher than in the preceding crop year. Expected stocks of approximately 1 million tonnes, with an increase of 34%

Graziano Alderighi

How to increase fruit set in olive

Total or partial cutting of the new shoots, as well as hormonal control of shoot growth with triazole may reduce vegetative flush and increase fruit set. Another strategy to favour fruit set is the treatment by foliar sprays with nitrogen fertilizers

R. T.

No more malaxation. Just an electric shock

Short pulses created by a strong electric field to enlarge the pores of the cellular membranes and facilitate the outflow of the oil. The new machine being tested at the Centre de Recerca I Investigaciò de Catalunya

Antonio G. Lauro

Proud to be oleologist

This is a professional who is emerging but to increase authority should be limiting its abuse by those who are not in daily working with businesses and olive oil producers

Alberto Grimelli

Everything derived from olives is an agricultural product

The whole variety of oils derived from olives must be considered as high quality vegetable fats. It is important to recognize the existence of the quality pyramid. At the top there is the extra virgin olive oil, where the best quality resides

Luigi Caricato

The sociology point of view on oil tasting

Marcello Scoccia, deputy chair of the Onaoo, and Carlotta Pasetto, sociology master student, describe their experience as tutor and student, respectively, of a master thesis in sociology. The role of oil tester is central; technical skills together with creativity are at the heart of this job

Marcello Scoccia, Carlotta Pasetto

The production of olive oil in the Mediterranean area conditioned by the weather

The olive oil campaign is closing everwhere. The forecast by Teatro Naturale changed, in particular for Spain and Greece. Italy confirms the previous data with nice feedback on the quality of extrra virgin production

Marcello Scoccia

Filtered or unfiltered olive oil?

There is too much confusion about extra virgin olive oils around. Everybody pontificate about every aspect of oil production or quality. This is even worst when the issue is a technical aspect such as the oil clearness

Luigi Caricato

Trading of olive oil in European Union

According with Ioc data, imports of olive oil between the 27 Member States of the European Union have gone up by 23% from 2007/08 to 2010/11. In the same period exports went up by 17%


Is pruning olive trees in June so wrong?

Rediscovering tradition in olive culture is beneficial but sometimes the solutions suggested by old times are not the best one to make the most of our olive trees. The olive tree pruning should be a mix of tradition and innovation

Alberto Grimelli

Previous data and future estimante for olive oil production

During the 99th session of the International Olive Council held in Madrid, experts valued also the situation on the international markets for olive oil

Aliona Avduhova

Extra virgin olive oil & taste. What to do if people don’t like it?

If it is good, fine; but what if people don’t like it? Here is a detailed analysis on how the taste for oil changed over the years. Moreover, what about the taste of warmed up oil? It is not necessary perceived as something bad. The predilection for the different sensorial attributes of oil is not unchangeable.

Tullia Gallina Toschi

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